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In A Very Crazy Episode Of ‘Yeh Ladki Pagal Hai’, Dolly Singh Talks About Marriage And Breaking Societal Barriers!

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Our beloved Bunny in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani has called marriage “dal chawal” i.e. it is assumed to be without any tadka, AKA, fun. There is a common conception that this turning point in our life is actually the end of our youthful and adventurous life. In an interview for Hauterrfly’s recurring series, Ye Ladki Pagal Hai, Indian YouTuber, fashion blogger, content creator, and social media influencer Dolly Singh talks about breaking this barrier. 


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Craziness Is A Very Essential Part Of Life

Dolly Singh talks about “Pagalpanti” in life, as she mentions the fact that with her increasing age, she is realising that she needs to be crazier. She believes that we’re all crazy in our ways and contrary to what society expects out of us, as we grow, we should embrace the craziness with open arms. Much like Dolly’s mom, every Indian mom says to their children, “Pagalpanti Bandh Karo” as they grow up because growing up is directly attached to being silent, mature and just present, especially for the women in our society. Alas, this is society’s way to fit all of us into a particular box.


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I sincerely think that we should listen to Dolly instead, and realise that we all need a fabulous dose of craziness in our lives. Those moments of craziness are where we can be our own true selves, explore our limits, create our own unique personalities and ultimately shatter the ridiculous hoops that society wants up to jump through, in order to ‘fit in’. 

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 The Craziness And Its Place in Our Married Lives 

According to society and the general conception that we all seem to be conditioned with, it is believed that this craziness should come to an immediate halt after we marry someone and settle down. Dolly exclaims, “we tend to believe that Shaadi ke baad sab khatam ho jaata hai“. This is because we seem to have grown up seeing this around us, believing this and now, we seem to be internalising and accepting it. That is probably, one of the reasons people become completely different personalities after marriage. 


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To this Dolly says “aisa nhi hai”. You see, marrying someone shouldn’t require you to change into an entirely different person. They fell in love with you for who you are, why would you want to change that? Also, getting married shouldn’t be the end of fun or adventure. Instead, it should be seen as the beginning of a new adventure with your spouse. 

It is important to realise that these old-age concepts have their origin in the many unhappy marriages of the previous generations. You know, the point where marriage was just a way of life and a step towards reproduction and sustenance. Back then, this sad reality used to force people to live a dual life in their own homes, where they couldn’t express themselves freely. They were only required to play a ‘set role’ in the family. But, the times have changed and so should these ideas.


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Breaking The Age-Old Barriers

Marriage should be a new chapter in our lives and not the end of our younger selves. It is as Dolly correctly says “Shaadi karke bhi tum sab kuch kar sakte ho, don’t feel like you can’t do certain things just because you have tied the knot”.

We should break the barrier between our life and personality before and after marriage. It should be viewed as a natural and organic change in life. This change is the need of the hour, to remove the gloomy and doom-based ideas that people seem to have, regarding marriages. They are joyous occasions which celebrate the integration and merging of two separate lives, based on love and happiness. Isn’t that beautiful?


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Dolly also gives us some very much appreciated insight into her relationship with Manu Chaturvedi. They are a couple with different ways of living but with similar core values. We should keep this in mind, that having similar core values will add some stability to our lives and relationships. However, the difference between the two people adds the constant newness and mystery; without them, it’s like Dolly says “Varna kya Masti”. After all, this is why opposites attract, don’t you agree?

Watch the video to know all about Dolly Singh, her ideas and her life:

After this interview, I’m absolutely in love with the lively and crazy Dolly Singh. I mean, how can you not?

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