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A Self-Love Guide To Celebrating Valentine’s Week If You’re Single. You Love You, Boo!

February 07, 2022 | by Jinal Bhatt

Hey babe, I know, I know. Being single can really do a number on you during this month, what with the whole grandiose celebration of love being thrust into our faces. I mean, did we really need an entire Valentine’s Week to make us feel horrible about not having an SO in our lives? For the most part, I am completely okay, and glad too in the fact that I am my own person who isn’t tied down by a relationship. But come February and it’s like love is coming at us singles with a vengeance, making us all morose and wanting. Well, don’t you worry. I’m here with the perfect counter to Valentine’s Week with its Propose Day and Kiss Day. I present to you a Self-Love Week, where you, who loves yourself more than anyone could ever, showers yourself with the best that this week has to offer.

Self-indulgence is the buzzword here, ladies, and I suggest you wrap yourself up in this expensive but warm coat of self-love. Because how could someone else love you and you love them, till you don’t know how to love yourself properly, no?

Rose Day – La Vie En Rose

I mean, sure, you could get flowers for yourselves. But do you remember when in Emily In Paris, Emily sells a custom fragrance pitch to a hotelier by stating the simple fact that our sense of smell is the strongest sense there is? She ain’t wrong! I mean, have you considered having a signature scent for yourself? Titillate your own senses by going perfume shopping and figuring out what your trademark scent is going to be!

Or even better, get yourself some flowers and candles to amp up your living space! Here’s our guide to some amazing candle scents you can get for your home.

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Propose Day – Buy your own diamonds!

A great woman once said, “If you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it.” And who are we to disagree with Beyoncé, right? Why wait for him to propose to you with a ring or buy you jewellery as if we’re living our life in some Punjabi rap song? You are an independent, atmanirbhar nari and can buy your own jewellery, real diamonds or otherwise. 

And so I propose a day of online shopping some bling for yourself! Even if it is a dainty little trinket, it’s something you brought for with your own hard-earned or saved money and that is a whole different high, trust me. Better yet, you could even go invest in one of those schemes that several jewellers offer, where you set aside a little every month to finally be able to buy the gold you wanted, perhaps for a future occasion or your own wedding. So cool, na?

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Chocolate Day – Sinful indulgences

Umm, nope, I don’t see any alternative to chocolate here, sorry. I mean, how could there be? It’s CHOCOLATE! Easily, the best thing in the world. I’d totally spend this day going dessert bar hopping with my homies by planning a proper trail and indulging in this sinful treat! In office? No worries, you could even order in a selection and treat your fellow single coworkers because sharing is caring.

Or, if you’re so inclined, you could totally bake your cake and eat it too. But my personal favourite? Chocolate covered strawberries. Sexy. Seductive. And totally puts you in the mood! Here’s a pro-tip though, make some extra ones because you’re going to need them the next day….

Teddy Day – A playdate with yourself and all the naughty toys!

Hmm, gone are the days you’d play with soft toys. You’re a big girl now, and your preferences for toys has also evolved. So why be shy about it? This Self-Love Valentine’s Week is all about loving yourself, and what better way to love yourself than exploring your body and understanding your sexual preferences? As Gerard Butler tells Katherine Heigl in The Ugly Truth, “If you don’t wanna have sex with you, why the hell would someone else?” So, girl, make it a self-date. Masturbate!

There are plenty of massager options available online to upgrade your playdate, and most of them deliver in inconspicuous packaging too! Carpe f**king Diem! Oh and those chocolate-covered strawberries you froze last night? Perfect first course!

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Promise Day – A Valentine’s promise to do better by you

You know, there are a lot of promises that get made on this day. “We’ll be together forever!” “I promise to not turn into THAT guy/girl,” “I promise I won’t watch the next episode without you.” Pfft! So what if you’re single and don’t have anyone to make these promises to you. You can do better. In fact, you can make sure your Promise Day is foolproof by making promises to yourself.

It could be about anything. You’ll exercise and take care of your health better. You’ll not fall back into your old, toxic dating patterns. Or best, you’ll finally take charge of your sexual health! Gather your girls around and make a pact; something tells me a promise between friends is often longer kept than anything else!

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Hug Day – Find the purest, most unconditional hugs here

Hugs do increase the production of oxytocin, which brings stress levels down. So I get why you’d feel particularly sad on this day if you don’t have an SO to hug. But you know who gives the best hugs? Mommies and Daddies, siblings, and OMG grandparents! We lead such busy lives and spend the free time we get partying with friends or moping about our sucky love life. But what about the people that love us unconditionally? Go spend some time and give and get quality hugs from your folks, rest your head in a grandparent’s lap, pull that little brother’s cheeks, or wrap your younger sibling in a bear hug. I swear you’ll have enough Oxytocin to turn even a stone-cold bitch heart into a puddle of mush!

Dear Zindagi - Movies on Google Play

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Kiss Day – Pfft! It’s Galentine’s Day!

Na-uh! This is not Kiss Day. We don’t care about Kiss Day and the tonsil tennis that couples play, indulging in an exchange of saliva. It’s hot, yes, but, we’re not going to cry over what we don’t have. Instead, we’re going in for a little rebranding here. It’s Galentine’s Day, ladies! The day that you spend with your gals, getting mani-pedis at the spa, painting the town red in your sexiest heels, or simply Netflix and chilling like it is meant to be—in PJs with popcorn and oodles of gossip.

Galentine’s isn’t some made-up thing, it’s legit and there are many bars and restaurants out there who host a special Galentine’s Night, with free drinks and lots of offers for the ladies. Or you could bring the bar at home with a DIY cocktail night! Go have fun!

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Valentine’s Day – You do you, boo!

Oooh the D-Day in here. And if your V-Day ain’t getting any D, that’s okay, girl. You got you, boo, and you got a whole community of singles out there in silent solidarity with you. I vote for a day where you do whatever it is that you wanna do. Make a Yes Day out of it, where you try to do at least one thing that you’ve always wanted but never got around to doing, even if it is something as extravagant as planning a solo trip abroad or lying in your bed watching rom-coms all day. You do it.

I think we do tend to give a lot of importance to do this day than any other day. But luckily for us, this year Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday, which means you’ll probably be so swamped with work and Monday blues, that you won’t even remember it is this grossly mushy day of love. What’s more, all those couples will probably be stuck next to you working, so I guess we’re all in the same boat!

So, all set for a luxurious Valentine’s Week that is all about you and loving yourself?

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