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Hey Gurl, Here’s How You Can Make Your Way Out Of The Friend Zone!

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Friend zone, this infamous term which is literally a synonym for sheer pain and loneliness, has been widely known to be the top cause of misery among males, right? But, it’s time to understand that it’s not exclusive to them. Girls get friend-zoned as well and this can be just as painful for us. We all know about Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, don’t we? I mean, We all cried with her and laughed with her throughout the movie. Another crazy example is Tinker Bell from Peter Pan, she was always jealous of Wendy and her anger was proof. Alas, we feel them both because a lot of us have been there. Haven’t we?

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However, to be certain if the relationship is purely platonic or just facing the inertia to move to the next step is a tricky business. But, allow me to make your life easier, you can use the following checklist to find out the answer:

1. Do they mostly suggest bringing their friends along?

2. Do they try to actually set you up with someone else?

3. Are you like a “sister” to them?

4. Do they keep on bringing up their latest crush or date when with you?

5. Are they not afraid to reveal their disgusting habits in front of you?

6. Do they take you for granted?

7. Do they deflect your romantic feelings?

8. Is there no “spark”?

If you have answered yes to most of these, I would recommend reconsidering your own emotions because there is very little chance that they are indeed into you. But, if you haven’t and do in fact, see some scope, I am so happy for you. Let’s get you out of that friend zone girl!

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6 Ways To Break Out Of The Friend-Zone

1. Don’t Let Your Ego Interrupt

Women tend to wait for guys to make a move because their ego interrupts them, they’re women and deserve to be wooed but, there is nothing wrong with being a strong and confident modern woman and making the move. 

2. Learn To Be Emotionally Expressive

Women generally are less expressive of their true feelings than men. Let yourself be vulnerable and don’t be afraid to offer your heart. Don’t let any kind of fear like the fear of rejection, fear of losing the person, fear of being embarrassed, etc. dominate your life. Darr ke aage Jeet hai!

3. Dooriyan Bhi Hai Zaroori

Get some distance, and give them space to think about you. They will not forget about you but they will end up missing you more. Stop being so available, right when they need you. It’s time they learn to appreciate your place in their life and stop taking you for granted.

4. Work on yourself

To let them see you in a new light, you also need to get out of your comfort zone. An outgoing and confident person is always more attractive. Do things you are passionate about, they will automatically be attracted to you romantically. Upping your fashion game will also give you plus points, and of course, boost your self-esteem.

5. Tell Them How You Feel

Let them know you’re interested in them romantically. This can be either a simple, straightforward admission of your feelings for them or give them a clear-cut sign. Make sure they know how you feel. This might sound like a terrible idea, a huge risk. But it’s the chances we don’t take, that we regret.

6. Not Sure How To Say It? Make A Move!

Are you confused about what to say to them? It’s alright, let’s make a more visible and physical movement. Slip closer to them and keep your hand on their thigh, notice if they like it. If they do, get closer as you study their reaction clearly. Finally? Kiss him you fool. Go in for it, it’s now or never. Let him feel what you feel. This is bound to get you a straight-up answer.

However, it’s a choice to put yourself out there and step out of the friend zone or not. It’s YOUR choice to tell him how you feel. It’s of utmost importance to make your choice once and for all and stick with it and don’t look back. Stop chickening out and waiting for the universe to work things out. Remember, the universe already gave you a sign, liking the guy is a sign. Don’t romanticise your life more than this, it isn’t a movie where the hero will look up one day and realise love was here all along. Take charge. Only you can make this happen. 

Signs You Are An OVerthinker

After all, whatever the outcome, doing any of this is a good enough reason to be proud of yourself. I mean, you stepped out of the ‘prince charming’ chase and took the steering wheel of your life in your hands. Congratulations and welcome to reality, it sucks but you’ll love it here. 

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