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8 Amazing Ways To Be A Cheerleader For Your Girlfriends

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You know that saying, “Be the kind of woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked?” This, in a nutshell, is what it means to build up your girlfriends. It’s all very well, but this motto doesn’t really help us when it comes to real life. Life’s no fairy tale, and we’re not princesses galloping around in majestic gowns and tiaras. So, how do we apply this beautiful thought when there are no crooked crowns to fix? Here are 8 practical ways to get you started:


1. Support each other’s ambitions

There are enough people treating a woman’s career as a hobby, expecting her to give up her rising trajectory for her husband, wondering why she isn’t as enthusiastic about motherhood. Don’t be the friend that gets added to that list.

2. Don’t body shame her, even back-handedly

You know how you tell your skinny friend she doesn’t have to work out, if she tells you she’s joined a gym? Yep, not cool. Instead of passing a comment about her body shape, you should support her because guess what? Working out is healthy no matter your size, shape, or age.


3. Don’t police her in the name of concern

You can’t make her wear lower hemlines. You can only offer a cover-up. You can’t stop her from talking to that guy everybody knows is going to break her heart. You can be there for her to take her fall. You can’t get her to stop drinking. You can only advice her to drink less, and if she drinks too much, be there to nurse her hangover.

4. Don’t shame her for her choices

Whether it’s that bright green hair colour, or dating that guy who treated her bad, don’t shame your friend for making what you think are “mistakes.” Remind her there’s a lesson in there, and help her find it.


5. Celebrate her victories and strengths

Big or small, be her cheerleader when she achieves something. Crack open a bottle of wine, and celebrate!

6. Be honest without expecting her to change

If you have an opinion on the guy she’s dating or what career path is best suited for her, or some insight into her idiosyncrasies, be upfront with her, knowing that your feedback comes from a place of honesty and that she’s free to take or reject it.


7. Don’t poach her love interests

Don’t flirt with the guy she’s crushing on. Don’t date her ex. Don’t be the friend who steals her boyfriend. Sister code is a real thing.

8. Look out for her

At work, in public transport, in clubs, look out for your sisters! Be there to protect her and help her when she needs it.

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