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Alia Bhatt Can’t Stop Gushing About Ranbir Kapoor. It’s So Cute And Every Girl In Love Ever

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The most romantic phase of falling in love is right after you both have declared it to each other. That feeling, when you know you’re loved back makes all your days rosy and perfect! Your life is brimming with hearts and rainbows and it’s like every love song was made for you. Even the little things he does make you smile. We’re so happy for Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, the dopamine-doused couple! From taking vacations together, cooking together and spending time with each other’s family, the couple has been giving us so much to go aww over!

However, to say that the gorgeous couple is simply in the lovey-dovey mode all the time, is undermining their relationship. They have established a thorough friendship and a good level of understanding between them. While you’d think they would be glued to each other all the time, that obviously isn’t the case, because you know, both of them have careers!

In a recent interview with Bombay Times, Alia Bhatt opened up about her relationship with Ranbir like never before! When asked if this relationship is tougher than her previous ones, she said, “No. It’s not a relationship. It’s a friendship. I’m saying this with all genuineness and honesty. It’s beautiful. I’m walking on stars and clouds right now. The best part is that we’re two individuals who are living our own professional lives in its full form right now. He’s shooting continuously. So am I. It’s not a situation where you’ll see us constantly together. That’s the true mark of a comfortable relationship. Nazar na lage.” That’s such a good level of understanding. Aren’t we all like that when in a happy relationship? We feel like we’re on cloud 9 like at all times. Got drenched in rain? Loaded with work? It still wouldn’t feel like a bad day, because we’re so in love! Rose-tinted glasses have been discovered by people in love.

If you’ve ever been in a toxic relationship that basically drains you out, you will know that this is the exact opposite. What Alia and Ranbir share is a healthy dynamic which seems to be helping both of them become a better version of themselves. Alia Bhatt spilled the beans on how Ranbir has a calming effect on her. She revealed, “I stress about things that are not in my control. There was a period when I was working hard and I was stressed. Ranbir told me if you’re working hard, you need not worry about anything else. Do the best you can and just let everything else be. That helped me. I still stress but it’s easier for me now to let it be.” Isn’t this the kind of relationship all of us deserve? And yet, we run into f**kbois, and fall for them head-over-heels in the most self-sabotaging way.

Meanwhile, Alia and Ranbir met up with the latter’s parents on their mini-vacay to New York. Clearly, Alia being such a ray of sunshine, is loved by his family! “They were with Rishi and Neetu for New Year celebrations as well. This time, Ranbir’s sister Riddhima is also there so it’s going to be a family reunion. RK and Alia will be returning to Mumbai in a few days to resume work on their film,” an inside source revealed.

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On returning back to Mumbai, the couple will resume shooting for Brahmastra, which is being directed by Ayan Mukerji. The movie also stars Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna, Dimple Kapadia and Mouni Roy in significant roles. It is expected to release in the summer of 2020! Can’t wait to see how their chemistry translates on silver screen!


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