7 Bare Minimums You Need To QUIT Romanticising In Relationships. You Deserve Better, Girlie!

Delulu is NOT the Solulu!
7 Bare Minimums You Need To QUIT Romanticising In Relationships. You Deserve Better, Girlie!

In a world full of romantic comedies and fairytale endings, it’s time to strip off those rose-tinted glasses and get real about relationships. With the orange peel story all over the internet, being the metrics to judge your partner’s love and loyalty, we know that the bars have dropped a little too low when it comes to chivalry. Films have constantly fed us a steady diet of unrealistic expectations, and it’s high time we ditch the bare minimum we have been glorifying, ladies! Wondering what they are? Read on to see this list of bare minimums that we MUST normalise and stop giving men brownie points for.

1. He Peels An Orange For You

Okay, so there’s this thing called ‘The Orange Peel Theory’. It’s like saying if someone peels your oranges just right, they’re your perfect match. But come on, let’s not judge compatibility based on fruit skills! Real connection is about talking, respecting each other, and having things in common. So, don’t get caught up in the orange peel hype—focus on what really matters in a relationship!

2. He Sends You Good Morning Texts

So you are telling me that all it takes is a ‘Good Morning’ text to make your heart melt? Girl, we’ve taught you better than that! Getting a sweet text wishing you a good day can definitely make you smile, but let’s not make it the superhero of affection. The real connection needs more than just a morning text. It’s about putting in effort all day long and having meaningful conversations that really make the heart flutter.

3. He Calls You Beautiful

Alright, let’s talk about being called “beautiful.” It’s nice to hear, sure, but real affection runs deeper than just compliments on the surface. Glorifying being complimented over the other miscommunications in your relationship is definitely not the best way to look at it, is it now? So, while being called beautiful is sweet, it’s actually just the bare minimum when it comes to showing real affection in a relationship!

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4. He Gets You Flowers

Let’s talk flowers. They’re nice, but love goes deeper than gifts. True affection means consistent support and understanding. You deserve more than just tokens. Flowers are a start, but you deserve deeper, more meaningful love. FYI, Miley Cyrus taught us that we can get ourselves flowers and so much more. So, he definitely needs to do better than that.

5. He Loves Me But Isn’t Able To Show Me

The Bollywood version of love often centres around grand gestures and heart-fluttering moments. While those are great, they’re not sustainable in the long run. And TBH, ye “Pyaar ek ehsaas hai!” wala funda is not worth it girls! You deserve someone who actually lights up the whole town for you. It’s too early to settle for less. True love is a verb – it’s about consistent, intentional actions that show you care.


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6. He Remembers Birthdays And Anniversaries

Alright, let’s dish on remembering birthdays and anniversaries. Now, don’t get me wrong, remembering these special dates is important. But here’s the tea: it’s the bare minimum when it comes to commitment. It’s the daily grind that truly strengthens relationships. So, while remembering these dates is a nice touch, let’s not forget that it’s the everyday efforts that truly make a relationship flourish!

7. He Respects Your Boundaries

Now, onto respecting boundaries—absolutely non-negotiable! Respecting each other’s space and limits without any arm-twisting? That’s just Relationship 101, honey. It’s not just about saying you respect them; it’s about living and breathing that respect every single day. Giving each other the space to be yourselves, without any pressure or coercion, is absolutely non-negotiable. It’s not an extra credit kind of thing; it’s the bare minimum for a healthy, thriving relationship.

Toh ladies, it’s time we get out of our delulu world and let them know what we deserve. And say after me, “I deserve better than this and I will not settle for less!” Pro tip: The next time you start romanticizing these bare minimums, try to look at it from your girl gang’s POV. You’ll definitely get your answers!

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