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5 Things To Do For Yourself To Make Your Relationship Stronger

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We think that to build our relationship, we need to give extra attention to our partners. We make them the centre of our universe, to the extent that we don’t know whether we are doing anything for ourselves anymore. You keep nurturing the relationship, but can you even build a strong foundation with weak pillars? If you don’t work on yourself, on things you love, how will you make anyone else happy? We read so many articles on how to keep a man happy, but do we think about how to keep ourselves happy and fit? Here are 5 things you should do for yourself to make your relationship stronger.

Do things that make you happy

Most of us get so consumed with our bae, that the only thing we’re doing that makes us happy is him. But eventually, you’ll start resenting him for taking up all your time, even though you’re doing it rather voluntarily. So, don’t give up on things you love the most – reading a book in a café, solo trips, horror movies, etc!


Get enough sleep

If you have FOMO, sleep is bound to suffer. You’re really want to sleep on time but then you also want to talk to bae and then even catch a couple of episodes on Netflix. Do this a couple of days in a row and you become a loose cannon, ready to fire at anybody who steps foot in your vicinity. You know what’s worse, even if you are patient and meet him, it’s really difficult to put your heart and soul into a conversation when all you can think of is a bed and a blanket.


We know that working out releases happy hormones in you but it also gives you a sense of achievement, when you cross the little milestones. So you’re naturally inclined to bring joy in your relationship. Also, it brings a stability in your daily schedule, so you get better at time management and are full of energy, so you can actually invest it in your love life.

Spend time with your people

Dear married friends, if you’re reading this, know that you guys need to start spending more time with other humans too. I know, you feel like giving all your time to bae, but you need your own set of connections so you don’t lose your individuality. When you have just one person you want to do everything with, the pressure on the poor guy mounts up and the relationship just succumbs to it, sooner or later. Keep your friendships alive! Spend time with the girls, indulge in spa sessions. Do your thing!

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Love yourself for who you are

Are you accepting of your partner’s flaws? Then why beat yourself up for your own? Be forgiving and kind. Love and accept your imperfections and vulnerability. There’s something incredibly attractive about a woman who doesn’t need validation from others!

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