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5 Signs Your Ex Only Wants To Be Friends And Not Get Back Together

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When it comes to romantic relationships, our hearts can easily get entangled in the threads of feelings we don’t always recognise. We spend so many beautiful moments together, grow together, sometimes grow apart but you cannot erase the part of your life where you connected with them. What happens to that connection when you break up? Does it remain on a non-emotional, human level? Do you remain friends with your ex? Or do you absolutely abhor their presence and would never want to see them again?

Since you both had romantic feelings for each other and we’ve seen how that is infamous for messing up connections, the question is can you be friends or not? Can you really be platonic friends with no romantic interest whatsoever? I as a person can because once I am over them, that’s about it. Then they can lie down butt naked and I will be not interested. So yes, when it comes to the ability of keeping it platonic, I can do that. However, it doesn’t mean I want to.

But there are several ex-couples who do end up becoming good, platonic friends. There are people who break up, become friends and then get back together. If you have an ex who is lingering in your life, you need to determine what you are looking for.

Are you looking to rekindle the romance? Are you looking for just platonic friendship? Either way, here are 5 signs he is looking to just be friends again, nothing more. It can be good or bad news for you depending on what you want!

  1. He is open about going out with other women

If there is even a remote possibility that he wants something more with you, he will not tell you that he likes someone else. Maybe an emotionally immature guy can intentionally make you jealous by talking about how this cute woman likes him. But he will never talk of his dates, or his feelings for them. If he confides in you about his crushes, chances are you’re in the friendzone now.

  1. He doesn’t feel jealous of the guys you see

You could be playing tongue tennis with another guy and at the most, he will tease you about it. He doesn’t act possessive anymore when you talk about guys you meet. He doesn’t feel like you owe him any explanation. Sounds about right. You’ve broken up. You both are free to see other people. And being comfortable with this means he has truly moved on. But he considers you a friend and he would like it to remain that way.

  1. He doesn’t text you everyday

If a guy wants to get back to you, he’d try to talk to you every day. He will initiate the conversation if you don’t. He will kill that ego and try to keep the conversation going. But if he casually drops in a hi once in a few days, it’s just him being in touch as a friend!

  1. He doesn’t miss the past

Does anything and everything remind him of the past? Does he start his sentences with ‘Do you remember when…?’ If he often talks about your memories and happy moments, it means he goes through them in his head (and his phone) several times. But if he doesn’t, he is doing a great job at moving on and he is ready to be platonic friends with you now. If you want the same, this is great news!

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  1. He says he is glad to be friends with you

Oh boy, if a guy says that, he has friendzoned you. If you want to get back to him, abort mission. If you just want to be friends, be glad the breakup didn’t take this connection away from you. Your ex is glad to be friends with you and if he is a nice person, hold on to him!

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