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11 Things You’ll Relate To If You Have A Colleague-Friend

February 26, 2019 | by Prachi
Friend Colleague

A colleague-friend is a blessing in disguise! While our colleagues only know us professionally, and everyone else, personally, a colleague-friend is one person who is in on both the sides of our personality. As weird, funny, cranky or anything that they may be. This means that they understand us in a way that no one else does. But, that’s not the only special thing about having a colleague-friend. Your relationship with them is surely unique, but they also change your work life and personal life in a way only they can!

  1. They make you like your job.

2. You don’t mind going to work early as long as they are around, too

3. Or, staying back late, if they are staying, too.

4. In fact, sometimes, you voluntarily stay back late because you’d rather chill with them than be stuck in traffic!

5. At office parties, the two of you stick to each other.

6. You like and dislike the same people

7. You take days off together

8. You have secret code names for other people

9. You know that if there is an issue at work, you can always talk to your colleague-friend about it, and they will understand like no other friend will.

10. You can trust them to give you objective opinion in matters of office struggles

11. You love finishing the day with a drink with your colleague-friend!


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