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10 Things You Will Relate To If You’ve Been Missing Bae

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We know lockdown and social distancing is important right now if we want to come out of this alive. So as much as we love going out and our people, we’ve quietly swallowed this pill of quarantine and staying home. While we’ve taken to digital means to stay connected and entertain ourselves, it cannot substitute the feeling of his embrace. You’re missing bae and it’s probably the first time that you’ve not met for so long.

You’re anxious because you don’t know how long this will go on. You really want to see him, hug him, kiss him and have him next to you. Are you feeling withdrawal? Then here are 10 things you’ll relate to!

1) You’ve been feeling moody and you don’t quite know the reason

It’s not like anything is alright, as of now. So you don’t know the reason behind your moodiness. Is it the lockdown? Are you PMSing? Are you craving a drink? Or you’re just missing him like crazy? You don’t know which reason is topping the charts at what point.

2) You keenly wait for his texts and calls

Because when you speak to him, you feel stronger to handle this. It makes you instantly happy and keeps you going.

3) Because if it were up to you, you’d speak to him all day long

Really, you feel like texting/calling him so often during the day. But you stop yourself because both of you are working from home and it’s not a summer vacation. Also, it would be just a tad bit clingy of you.

4) You’re guilty of being mad at him when you’re actually just missing him

So many of us tend to get mad at bae when we’re missing them. And you’re guilty of that. You’ve got upset with him and thrown shade at him for not calling you when he had a legit reason. Then you become a puppy and tell him you got mad because you really miss him. Aww…

5) You’ve been reading your old texts

Let’s admit, you’ve spent an entire afternoon going through your old texts, vacillating between laughter and sobs when you should’ve been working. There, there! We’ve all done that but how about keeping this activity for the end of the day?

6) You’ve been watching the reruns of your videos

Never have you felt more thankful for those videos that the cleaner app on your phone calls redundant. Who knew a video of him asleep, another of him devouring food and your random selfie videos would be so useful? And each time you watch these videos, you take a deep breath to console your heart.

7) You’ve imagined how tightly you’d hug him when you see him next

You’d run towards him and hop on like you’re a monkey and hug him so tight! You’re waiting for that day and when it happens, you just hope you won’t start crying. Or maybe you will.

8) On video calls, sometimes you go quiet and just absorb the moment

You just feel like looking at him and savour the moment, even if it’s just online. You think about the time he was in front of you and why you didn’t kiss him a little more.

9) You’ve cried or at least felt like it

The pain of missing someone you love is real. Sometimes, the pinch of salt you’re taking all this with, falls short. In those moments, you feel like crying it out. Hang in there!

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10) You miss him but you’re also really grateful for him

You are so happy he’s there for you because without him, loving you over phone and texts, you would have lost it. He’s your pillar during this lockdown and you’re so glad you have him.

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