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10 Things That Happen When Your BFF Gets A BF

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It’s no small thing when your BFF gets a boyfriend. Even though your relationship status remains the same, it is a life-changing event for you! You know it’s true. You are happy for her, but also sad at the same time, because you know that now that she has a BF, life will never be the same again! Here are 10 things that you should expect now that your BFF has a BF:

1. You will no longer be her first call

He will. Like it or hate it, he will now be the one she calls when she is down and out, or has a wonderful piece of news to share. You’ll be a close second. Sorry! That’s just the way it is.

2. She will go out for drinks, and vacations… WITHOUT YOU! 

You know that’s just her being a good girlfriend, right?

3. Hanging out with you will be special occasions for her

Because hanging out with him will be protocol now.

4. There will be things you won’t know

About her relationship, that is. If she is serious about this guy, or even semi-committed, know that she won’t tell you everything. There’s nothing wrong with this… it’s just about having healthy boundaries.

5. No more hitting the bar, or that dating app on your phone, to check out cute guys together

If you’re still single, and she’s not, this will not have to be a solo activity for you.

6. She may start thinking marriage and babies

While you’re still wondering why she had to let a guy into your lives!

7. You will be hanging out with her bae a lot, whether you like it or not

And why should you not? After all, you and him are two of the most important people to her!

8. She will have new friends… 

His friends will also now become a part of her life, and possibly, genuine friends of hers, and you will just have to make peace with all this competition.

9. She will want you to get a boyfriend, too… 

So that the four of you can go on double dates together. That’s her current dream, FYI.

10. But, you will always, always remain her number 1!

Because no boyfriend, no matter how wonderful he may be, can be as comforting as your BFF.

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