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These Minimalistic Zodiac Tattoos Will Definitely Inspire Your Next Ink

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Thinking of getting inked? Well then, we’ve got a totally rad option for you! If you like tattoos, but want to keep it as simple as possible, astro-inspired tats will probably tickle your fancy.

Getting a tattoo means commitment — you’re stuck with it for the rest of your life (unless you’re ready to invest in another painful procedure). And something you possibly cannot go wrong with are these cute AF inks, that can be tailored to suit your horoscope.

Whether or not you are a starry-eyed freak, you’ve got to admit that minimalistic tattoos that are inspired by zodiac signs and astrology look absolutely dainty and cute. These are mainly inked onto areas like the wrist, fingers, ankle or behind your ears.

Scroll down to get a whole lot of inspiration for your next tattoo, thanks to your very own stars!



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