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Yati Narsinghanand Calls Women With One Child ‘Naagin’, Says They Should Give Birth To 5-6 Children. Erm, What?

January 07, 2022 | by Priyadarshini Malavia

Men and moreover, men of religion feel that women just exist to abide by their patriarchal notions of what they should do with their lives and bodies. For most of these men, women are nothing but dehumanised servants who are there to give birth to their children. And one of these misogynist men is Yati Narsinghanand who has gone ahead and said that women should give birth to 5-6 children to save the community. Yes, he just said that.

Another man of religion, Yati Narsinghanand, has come forward and said some really messed up and provocative stuff in an all-women gathering in Haridwar. He said, “That woman who produces only one child is not a woman but a naagin,” he also then said, “Ghar mein kam se kam 5-6 baal gopal ho. Aur bachhe paida karein.” Yes sir, because that is all we are good for. He also said that it is better to have no kids at all than to have just one child. Make it make sense. The priests that surrounded him cheered his opinion on adding to it encouraging everyone to live in joint families to preserve culture.

Like… how are people coming up with these opinions? And this isn’t even Yati Narsinghanand’s first time spewing this kind of stuff. An FIR was filed against this man for saying that female politicians are mistresses for male politicians… the sheer impudence! He also insulted BJP women in that same rant. According to reports, he also called for violence and genocide against Muslims in the Haridwar hate conclave. 

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What upsets me more than men like Yati Narsinghanand is the fact that we live in a society where they have the guts to even say these things publicly. Dehumanising and treating women as objects they can use as they please. Be for serving in the household or bearing their children. Do people like Yati Narsinghanand believe that a woman is good for nothing more than being subordinates to men? And if they do, why is there so much power in their hands anyway?

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Priyadarshini Malavia

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