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WhatsApp To Get Group Calling, And Here’s Why We Can’t Keep Calm!

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With every passing year,  the importance of social media apps becomes a little more evident. And for someone like me, with a ton of friends living abroad, WhatsApp is a saviour! We can stay connected even though we’re miles away with just one app. But things just got better; WhatsApp is soon to introduce group calling! Perfect for those 12 am birthday conference calls, I say!

While group messages can get on your nerves, group calling could actually be a blessing. The new group feature makes it easier to finalise plans, and just connect to multiple people at once. If you ask me, group chats are okay, but often things get misinterpreted. With this update things will get communicated better.

Plus, it will help work get done faster. In case you get the memo, WhatsApp calling is totally acceptable, even when it comes to business calls.

It’s amazing for long distance besties too. You and I both know that it costs a bomb to make an international call. (We may not have any balance on our phones, but we always have an active data pack!)

This update also means that other group calling apps like Skype, which has been the leader in this space for quite some time now will face a huge hit. Why would people have multiple apps that give them the exact same service? Well, you know the answer.

WhatsApp is not going out of our lives anytime soon, and these new features are making sure of that. Oh, I can’t wait to tell my kids about the times when there was no WhatsApp. It’s going to be an interesting tale!


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