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There are a zillion hair trends doing the rounds and while I don’t expect you to know them all, one that is sure to become even bigger this year is Balayage. By now you’re wondering what this word is and how to even pronounce it. There’s absolutely no reason to stress. Here’s everything you wanted to know about it.

Balayage is a French word meaning to paint or to sweep, and is a hair colouring technique similar to highlighting except that the stylist uses a free hand to lightly sweep the colour onto your hair instead of colouring chunky sections in foils. While the look of highlights and balayage is similar, balayage gives your locks a more lived-in feel as the pieces are coloured finely near the roots and lead out to thicker highlights at the ends. What’s more, they’re applied just on the surface of a section of hair using free-hand colouring instead of perfectly placed foils. The result is gorgeous, multi-layered colour that looks sun-kissed and natural.

Even though balayage has been around for a while, it’s suddenly gained popularity thanks to a host of celebrities and supermodels wearing it. If you’re looking for something that isn’t too harsh, then this is the technique for you. The regrowth lines are softer and less noticeable, meaning fewer trips to your hairdresser to maintain it. All you need to do is use basic colour protecting shampoos and conditioners, and heat protection when styling.

The big appeal of this sophisticated technique lies in the fact that it can be done to suit your face and needs. A skilled colourist will look at your face and lengths and place the highlights to flatter your features. And it’s done in such a subtle manner that you get a rich, textured look that’s bespoke for you. This colouring technique works on both light as well as dark hair, so go on and try it out today!

Here’s a look at some celebrities who’ve been rocking balayage:



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