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Woman In Ghana Finds Human Penis In Food. We Have So Many Questions!

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The best and worst part of the internet is that it never misses a chance to amaze us with some extraordinary acts. While some cases melt our hearts, others make us question our whole life. Recently, one such case came to light where a woman in Ghana found a human penis in her food. I don’t even know what else to say? 

The woman shared the shocking video on Instagram. In the video, the woman is showing an object which looks like a penis. She found the object in a dish called Tuo Zaafi, which is a staple food available in Ghana. Tuo Zaafi is made with grains and meat, the food is easily available in street food stalls. The woman bought the packet of food from a street food vendor but was shocked after discovering the human penis-like object.

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Sharing the video on the internet, the woman requested people to carefully check the food items bought from street stalls before consuming them. Check? I feel like I will not buy any food item from anywhere, even though I don’t live in Ghana! A lot of people commented and asked the woman to report the incident to the police. I mean, they are absolutely correct! 

But wait, there’s more to the interesting and disturbing information. This is not the first time that such a disgusting discovery has been made from a packet of food in Ghana. According to the reports, a woman named Akousa found a penis-like piece of meat in her food too. The incident took place in Accra, Ghana, in the year 2016. She even contacted the police to do a DNA test on the piece of meat. Okay!

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The woman should report the case to the police to find the culprit. Who knows? The person might be a psycho killer or it can be a stupid prankster who thinks such disgusting acts are funny when it is not. 

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