Vikrant Massey Said His Mom Is Still In Touch With His Exes. That’s Awkward But Also Sweet

Vikrant Massey Said His Mom Is Still In Touch With His Exes. That’s Awkward But Also Sweet

When it comes to relationships, sometimes, you end up becoming friendly with their parents. You bond with them, talk to them and all that. And then you guys break up. So you wonder if it’s okay to remain in touch with them. Apparently, Vikrant Massey is completely fine if his mother stays in touch with his exes. And oh boy, she does!

Vikrant Massey is being appreciated for his work in his latest Haseen Dilruba. Meanwhile, he is also very public about his relationship with fiancée Sheetal Thakur. However, he revealed that his parents are still in touch with his exes. And it seems like all parties have found a way to keep things cordial.


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In an interview with Curly Tales, Vikrant Massey revealed, “Let me tell you something, I started dating properly when I was 17. Before that, it was only crushes. Ever since then, every single girlfriend I’ve had, my parents have known about. My mother also knows a couple of them, she’s is still in touch with them. They come over…”

Apparently, his parents were childhood sweethearts and they got married bhaag ke. However, Vikrant Massey revealed that this situation isn’t relevant to him because his parents are quite cool and have known all his girlfriends.

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I mean, it’s like if they parted ways in a cordial way, then it shouldn’t be a problem. It would definitely be awkward for me if my parents were in touch with my exes though. But it seems like Vikrant Massey was never the problem, otherwise the exes wouldn’t bother to stay connected.

Also, it’s mind-blowing that his fiancée is secure enough to not have a problem. My anxious attachment doesn’t allow that!


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