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10 Reasons Why Vicky Kaushal Is The National Crush Of India!

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The world may, one day, be able to figure out the mystery behind the Bermuda triangle. But we’ll never be able to figure out how Vicky Kaushal makes us fall in love with him, more with every passing day. Be it his smile or the way he licks an ice cream, Vicky Kaushal has won hearts all over. Forget us, even Katrina Kaif seems to be in awe of him (she mentioned in Koffee with Karan that she’d like to work with him.)

It seemed like a run-of-the-mill day, until we realised that the Uri actor celebrates his 31st birthday today. So we decided to go gaping at his Instagram, because f**k work, this is important! Then one thing led to another and here we are, more in love with him than ever. We know you are too! So here are 10 reasons Vicky Kaushal has become the national crush of India.

1. Anything he does, make our ovaries explode

Vicky Kaushal needs to make no effort to be sexy. Recently, he did something as innocent as sharing a picture of him eating an ice cream on Instagram. But that led to all the women collectively wishing to be said ice cream.


2. He fulfills our man in a uniform fantasy!

We don’t know where this comes from, but men in uniform make us go weak in the knees. Be it his character in Raazi or Uri, he just made all our fantasies even more powerful!


3. Because when he blushes, we feel like squeezing him!

In an interview, when he was asked about his first crush, Vicky blushed like a 17-year-old. Forget Netflix, I can watch this video on loop, all day!


4. When we wake up to his smile, our Monday blues disappear!

The only face we can look at, before coffee, on a Monday morning without grunting has to be this! We so wish we could wake up next to him, but until then, Instagram is our only sahaara!


5. Beard or no beard, Vicky Kaushal is always sexy

Unlike the hot guy who becomes unrecognisable once the beard is shaved off, our national hottie here looks sexy with or without facial hair!


6. He looks cute, even with blue hair

Okay, if you can pull off the “neela kukkad” look, you got to be something! Stop being so sexy, Vicky!


7. But when he wears a suit, our jaws drop!

We like men in suits. But we are absolutely in love with Vicky Kaushal in a suit. This would be the perfect look for my imaginary dinner date with him.

8. Vicky Kaushal’s face splashed with colour makes us feel tharki

Whether you like playing Holi or detest it, this picture of Vicky Kaushal with colour smeared on his face is only and only love.

9. He is the only Christmas present we all need!

Dear Santa, if you’re sending Vicky Kaushal this Christmas, we’re ready to be good throughout the year! We hope drooling over Mr Kaushal isn’t counted as bad.

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10. He makes our josh and libido super duper high!

How’s the libido? High sir! Vicky Kaushal is like Viagra for women. The very, very effective kind!


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