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Man In UP Throws Acid At A Girl After She Broke Their Brief Friendship And Stopped Talking To Him. Why Can’t Men Handle Rejection?

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I have said this a thousand times, and I will keep reiterating: women’s safety in our country is in a pitiful state. No matter how many conversations we have or protests we organize, every day, women are subjected to heinous crimes. And they aren’t random. Most of these violent crimes against women have a common denominator—a man’s bruised ego. Look at this recent acid attack case, for instance, that happened in Uttar Pradesh. A woman stopped talking to this man and he ended up throwing acid on her face. It’s a bone-chilling crime.

When will people understand that an acid attack is one of the evilest and monstrous things one human can do to another? Only the countless women who have been subjected to this cruelty can tell you how it absolutely ruins not only their faces but their entire life, dignity and self perception. Not to mention, the pain must be beyond tortuous. Now, ask yourself, does a woman deserve all this just because she decided to not talk to a man again or reject his advances? Because throwing acid at a woman is the first reaction for a lot of men who’ve had their masculine pride crushed. It’s exactly what happened in the case we are discussing today, so brace yourself.

According to reports, the victim lived in Hapur district of western Uttar Pradesh. On Monday night, she was attacked with acid in her home. She suffered severe burns and is fighting for her life in a government hospital in Meerut. The girl’s father accused a man identified as Rahil or Rohil Khan, and the police was able to arrest him within six hours of the crime. This has got to be some kind of record considering the UP police is under fire for the rising violent crimes against women in the state.

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A senior police officer said, “The incident took place at around 7:30 pm. A chemical suspected to be acid was thrown at a girl. She was hospitalised immediately. Later she was referred to Meerut. She is out of danger now. A case is being registered.” The Harpur Police tweeted a video of the accused being taken into custody. The tweet said that he has been nabbed and sent to a hospital for treatment.

A statement issued by the police after the arrest of the accused revealed the reason he threw acid at the victim. It said during the initial questioning by the police, the accused said that he took this drastic step after the victim broke their brief friendship and stopped talking to him. It’s an extremely dire thing to do for such a trivial reason, don’t you think? Women are paying the price for men having extremely fragile egos. Instead of being put on a pedestal all the time, men need to be taught and equipped to handle rejection in a way that doesn’t result in such savage violence. Furthermore, the sheer number of reports of crimes against women coming out of Uttar Pradesh need to be seriously done something about!

It’s sickening that in our country, acid attacks happen at the drop of a hat. What’s worse is that no one seems too bothered to take preemptive action against ghastly crimes like this one. Are we really that desensitized to the plight of women? For how long will women have to pay such heavy prices because men aren’t competent enough to handle a simple rejection?

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