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UP Women Teachers Seek 3 Day Menstrual Leave. We Think It’s About Time

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Most women out there would agree that period cramps are the worst – especially during first three days of the menstrual cycle. Unless of course, you face the cramps on some other days or throughout, or you just never face them (and if that’s the case, girl are you lucky or what?). It is during the days of periods that I just don’t have the energy or the willpower to get out of bed and work. And many companies worldwide have recognized this and have allowed a few days off in a month for women who are on their periods. It’s called menstrual leave or period leave. But if the corporate world can do that then why not educational institutions? Why don’t our teachers get to take a few days off when they are on their period?

Recently, Uttar Pradesh women teachers raised this issue and demanded a three days period leave/menstrual leave every month. These leaves are to be given separately and not combined with other leaves that they usually get. 

The women teachers have raised this demand on the fact that while on their period they are not only bleeding but also experiencing pain. And both combined are affecting a woman teacher’s mental and physical state. 

The Uttar Pradesh Women Teachers’ Association went to a member of the UP Women’s Commission – Anamika Choudhary – and submitted their demand of  menstrual leave for women teachers to her. Anamika Choudhary has promised them that she’ll let Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath aware of this demand.

The Uttar Pradesh Women Teachers’ Association is also now planning to speak with Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya regarding menstrual leave. Poonam Gupta, the Senior Vice-President of the association’s Prayagraj unit has revealed that the Bihar government has been extending this period of leave to employees for the past 30years. In fact, they also want the UP government to extend three days of period leave every month for women employees and teachers..” 

The Senior Vice-President of the association’s Prayagraj unit, Poonam Gupta added, “A number of private companies provide the option to women workers to avail ‘period leave’ even in India. It is an optional leave at most places and hardly anyone misuses it. Today, women teachers either have had to come to work on the most painful day of their menstrual cycle or make up some excuse. The leave cannot take away their pain and discomfort, but it can give them a break on the days they are most uncomfortable.”

And this should be a decision that the Indian government implements throughout the country. Women teachers work on their feet most of the time and all throughout the year – even when they are facing the worst of period cramps and pain. So, why not relieve them from their duties for a few days, so that they can go pamper themselves or just rest? 


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