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Two Girl Friends Of 7 Years, Fell In Love, Eloped And Married In A Temple

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Years after decriminalisation of same-sex relationships, we still haven’t arrived at upholding their legal rights when it comes to marriage. While we are hopeful of it being an eventuality, lawmakers have been persistently dismissing their right to legally get married. They say, nobody will die without a marriage certificate. So heterosexuals won’t die from the lack of it either. Then why put it in place for us? Or do same-sex couples have to die in order to obtain a marriage certificate. And two women married each other, irrespective of what society thinks!

With law only partially on their side, same-sex couples have been getting married anyway, even without the possibility of certifying it. And these weddings are a sight to behold because they are brimming with love and an ‘us against the world’ vibe. They are not marrying because the society forced them into it; they are promising to live together forever without law binding them to do it.

Recently, a 19-year-old woman married her girlfriend in a temple after their parents refused to acknowledge their alliance. The women from Jhajjar district were school friends and have been so for the past seven years. They studied together and confessed their love to their families. But their families told them to break up because of societal pressure and a ‘log kya kahenge’ mindset.

When the girl ran away from her house, her father registered an FIR at the Pataudi police station. He even accused her girlfriend and her girlfriend’s family of having abducted his daughter. When the police finally found the women in Sohna, they arrived at the court and gave their statement. They revealed that they were in a relationship and married in a temple as per Hindu traditions. The court couldn’t hold them down for it, as the women married with mutual consent, much to the frustration of the Pataudi-based family.

The father tried to convince his daughter but she left with her partner, giving two hoots about society and their homophobia. “We are going to an undisclosed address for our safety. We had many times tried to reason with our family but they did not understand so we had to elope,” one of the women told The Tribune.

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Their families are afraid of their security in a society that doesn’t recognise same-sex relationships even though they are decriminalised in India. Homophobia still puts same-sex couples under threat and discrimination. However, these girls are brave enough to face the society and in their own way, they are fighting the stigma associated with the LGBTQ+ relationships.

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