Twitter Rolled Out Fleets And Twitterati Mocked Them For Copying Instagram’s Homework!

FI Fleet Isn’t What We Want

There are lots of things that Tweeple want from the microblogging platform, Twitter. An ‘Edit’ button, for starters. Or weeding out troll accounts more effectively than it does now. What nobody was asking for were tweets that would disappear after 24 hours, à la Instagram Stories and Snapchat. And yet, here we are. Twitter has rolled out their new feature ‘Fleets’, which is basically them copying Instagram’s homework, which was originally copied from Snapchat! With this move, Twitter joins Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp in the 24-hour stories fam. Tch tch, don’t we have enough already?

So what is Fleets? If you’ve updated your Twitter app, you’ll see circles with profile pictures appear on the top of the feed. Brands and influencers have already begun using this feature, which is precisely the same as Instagram stories. You can add photos and videos with text on top, and they last for 24 hours. Perfect for those who wished there was a way to share fleeting thoughts that didn’t deserve to occupy  permanent residence on their Twitter profiles.

Twitter had announced ‘Fleets’ back in March, and India is one of the first few countries that gets to try it before it is rolled out for everyone else. Now if opinion has been asked so graciously, it shall be given, right? But desi Twitter, like Baburao from Hera Pheri, has a style of its own. When they give feedback or opinion on something, it often is via trolls and memes, and is likely to feel like a harmless smack across the cheek that’ll hurt for a fleeting moment but will mostly be hilarious!

Did the Twitterati like Fleets? Did they hate it? Did they want something more? Let’s hear from the horse’s mouth, shall we? From demanding other, much needed features like a chronological timeline to meme-ing it, here’s what Twitter thought!


But bruh, what about the ‘Edit’ button?


And a few other things that needed to be improved….

There were also some who didn’t get the feature, and their disappointment was palpable!

Have you tried Fleets? What’s your take on it? Drop those fleeting thoughts now!

And meanwhile, Twitter, please ‘Edit’ button ka thoda dekho na?

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