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#Trending: Swara Bhasker Shuts Down Troll Who Said Deepika Padukone Got Rs 5 Crore To Show Up At The JNU Protest. People Need To Let Things Go

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We have been complaining about how bad these last couple of months have been because of the coronavirus that we forgot that for India, 2020 was cursed from the get go. How many of you remember how this year started out? Let me remind you. The CAA was being considered and there was a major political upheaval. Protests turned violent in nearly every major city in our country and this unsettling atmosphere went on for weeks. It was like we were descending into anarchy and mayhem. It’s hard to believe that in the last 6 months, we have gone from marching the streets in protest to not being able to set foot outside our homes. And that ladies and gentlemen, is the biggest irony of 2020.

Talking about the beginning of this horrid year, do you remember another major event that shook our country to its very core? Yep, I am talking about the JNU attacks. It’s not something we can forget about anytime soon but even then, let me jog your memory a little. 

On January 5th, a group of masked goons unleashed hell on the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus. Around 26 students and faculty members, including the JNUSU Aishe Ghosh were terribly injured in this attack. The angry mob that allegedly consisted of RSS- affiliated Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) vandalized hostel property and beat up students with sticks and iron rods. It was only two hours after this nightmare had continued that the Delhi police were able to diffuse the situation. The JNU attacks only added fuel to the already raging CAA fire. 

There were videos floating around social media showing the goons beating people, breaking cars and just vandalising property. After news of this attack broke, thousands of people from all over the city flocked to the JNU campus to stand in solidarity with the students and faculty. The protest outside JNU went on for days but there was a Twitter storm once more when Deepika Padukone was spotted at one of the protests on January 7th. 

She was in town to promote her movie Chhappak and wanted to pay her respects in person. Which seems alright, doesn’t it? Considering the scale of the attack, you can’t just ignore something like that. But there were a lot of people who did not like that and accused her of using the attack to promote her movie. Although, her attending that protest could not have been a gimmick since she put her safety at risk by just being there.

People thought she was there for publicity or some other selfish reason, which really angered them. Chhappak, her movie that released just 3 days after Deepika went to JNU bore the brunt of that. Now, we don’t know whether she went there to promote her movie or just to show her support and honestly, what does it matter now? 

So, why I am dredging all this up again? Because some people on social media just don’t know when to let go of things. 

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You see, just yesterday, a Twitter user that goes by the name Squint Neon posted a tweet saying, “Deepika Padukone took 5 crores for her 2 minutes appearance in JNU for Anti-CAA protests while @ReallySwara could only manage a C-grade web series despite artistically screeching against CAA for a year Bhagwan kisi ko depression de de lekin Communism na de (May God give someone depression but not communism).”

This tweet is problematic on a lot of levels but before I can give you my views, let me tell you what Swara Bhasker said. Because you just know it’s going to be good. 

Replying that ridiculous tweet Swara said, “The kind of idiotic misinformation that is peddled ceaselessly by RW about #Bollywood is partly why we as a public accept any kind of conspiracy theory- however vulgar and outlandish! A rampant culture of stupidity…” 

Swara is right. This is some guy who thought it would be fun to make up something to try and stir up a controversy or get some attention. There is no proof that Deepika was paid to show up. People need to stop spreading such baseless rumours. 

I have to say though that mentioning depression in an attempt at belittling Deepika is some serious rubbish. Swara was very vocal when it came to the JNU attacks. In fact, she was one of the very first celebrities to talk about what was happening just merely a day after it happened. A lot of you might not know but she shared a video on Twitter informing people of what had happened and urging them to gather around the campus to protest. It was an attack very close to home for her because not only is she an alumnus of JNU, but also because her parents live on the campus.  

It has been 6 months since the attack at JNU and the CAA protests. It was a rough period for our country but now, it’s time we let that go and focus on our current problems. God knows we have a lot of them, we are in the middle of a pandemic for crying out loud. Why Deepika went to a protest 6 months ago is not important anymore. 

Also, FFS let’s stop spreading just baseless misinformation.

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