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#Trending: Kangana Ranaut’s Team Takes An Not-So-Subtle Dig At Kareena Kapoor By Retweeting An Old Video Of Hers. This Is Getting Very Old Now

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Do you know what my problem with this whole nepotism battle is? It’s the fact that now, it’s not about equal opportunities anymore. It’s about who can get the most jabs in against the opposite team. This whole insiders v/s outsiders debate does not have an end. It’s a bottomless pit. Don’t get me wrong, I know that nepotism is a very real problem in Bollywood (and everywhere else) but it’s not going to get solved by trashing everyone. Yes, of course, I am talking about Kangana Ranaut.  She is the face of the nepotism debate. She apparently cares about it so much that she is willing to jeopardise her career over it. 

While it’s great that she’s taking a stand, this constantly rustling up of old news reeks of desperation to grab headlines. I think she is one person that desperately needs to just chill (the f**k) out. When she brought up this whole thing again after we lost Sushant Singh Rajput, I thought okay, there is someone in his corner willing to talk about what’s right. Now it’s a month later and she spewing all kinds of rubbish without a shred of evidence. She’s like a volcano of accusations. Not only that, but she is also trash-talking every single person who doesn’t agree with her. The battle is not nepotism anymore, now it’s Kangana v/s the industry. 

Now it feels like she’s using Sushant’s death as a platform to further her personal vendetta and grab people’s attention. Of course, the only reason why I am talking about this is that she has struck again. This time, she has taken a swig at everyone’s favourite diva, Kareena Kapoor Khan. Which is okay considering that is what is expected of her. What is really annoying is that Kangana has dug up a video of Kareena from a long time ago and used that to prove her point. Wait, but I’m sorry, what’s her point exactly? 

Check out the video she retweeted:

Anyway, On Twitter (a.k.a the battleground for the nepotism war) Kangana’s team retweeted an old video of Kareena where she is unable to answer a question about the Mars Orbiter Mission, also known as Mangalyaan. If I didn’t know any better, I would say it’s petty. 

The tweet that has been retweeted by Kangana is a split-screen video. On one side is Sushant talking about his telescope and all the amazing things it can do and on the other hand is Kareena who is stumped when a reporter asks her a question about the Mangalyaan. The caption of the video reads, “Choose your heroes wisely”. 

On Kareena’s side of the video, when she is asked about the space mission she looks extremely confused at first and says, “What, what, what? Say again, I didn’t understand”. After the question is explained to her once more in English Kareena replies, “Very scientific question! It’s a great day for us. I also want to go to space. Meri bhi yeh hi ichcha hai. Mujhe bhi le chalo saath mein”

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Kangana and her team tried to take a jibe at Kareena, who is obviously considered a product of nepotism, by trying to portray her as less intelligent as compared to an “outsider” like Sushant. 

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Yes, Sushant was exceptionally talented and intelligent. He was known for his knowledge of outer space and physics. Does that mean every single person must possess the same knowledge? No. So I ask again, what was the point of retweeting a video like this one? 

This whole thing with Kangana going after people, calling them names, accusing them of outrageous things is getting very old. Her animated reactions and unnecessary drama need to stop. She can’t keep using Sushant’s tragic demise for her own personal vendetta. 

Look, I agree that nepotism needs to be dealt with because everyone deserves a fair and equal chance. But is this really the way to go about it? Is taking digs at people going to solve anything? 

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