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#Trending : Indian Consulate Help Repatriate A Woman From UAE After Her Video Asking To Be Rescued Against Domestic Abuse Goes Viral

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If I were to imagine myself in a position or a situation when something would have gone terribly wrong to the point where I couldn’t help myself anymore, I feel grateful to know that I have people who, if the time comes, would rescue me, no questions asked. Just the fact that I have a safe network of family or friends to get me out of the fix means a lot to me. Considering the number of cases coming up to the surface of domestic abuse, where the victim feels helpless that instead of turning to people you know, you have to reach out through social media.

As did the Indian consulate recently, when it offered support to repatriate an Indian woman in the UAE, whose video of domestic abuse had gone viral on the internet and created quite a stir. Posted on the microblogging site Twitter by an Indian journalist, the video had a woman facing to the camera to talk about how she was being beaten, mentally tortured and was in a horrible state, she said while in tears.

She shared that ever since she got married in April of 2018, she found herself in a marriage where she was being tortured. Her words were, “I am in danger. I am helpless. I don”t have money. I don”t have a calling card to call my family. I just need justice. I am requesting you to please help me. Somebody please help me,” enough to break anyone’s heart who was listening to them while she pleaded helplessly.

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Not being able to contact the police for she did not have a sim card ever since she arrived in the UAE in January, appealing through social media was her only respite. The Indian consulate was also tagged in the video, and that is how the matter reached their ears, where in a show of compassion, they have agreed to repatriate her. The consulate tweeted, “We got a complaint…on July 27 and we had contacted her the same day and assured her of all possible assistance. She now desires to go back to India and we will make sure that she can leave for India at the earliest.”

They further also shared that they reached out to the woman and her husband and said, “We have asked him to return her passport and we are ready to facilitate her repatriation.” Finally, a ray of hope for the woman, and a lot other women out there, who often feel helpless in such situations and abandon the idea of seeking help altogether. Don’t stay quiet, you never know who is listening!

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