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Forget Goa And Bangkok; These 7 Destinations Are A Must-Visit With Your Besties!

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On one hand, I am still trying to digest the fact that 2017 is getting over, but on the other, November means holiday season will be here soon! So, if you haven’t already, it’s time you used those leaves and started booking your tickets.

And what’s the best kinda vacation? The one you go on with your besties. Above everything else, it is the most therapeutic experience you’ll ever have.

A few days away with your best friends can be more relaxing than you can even imagine. Forget that Goa plan and explore some better options. Don’t get me wrong… Goa will always be bae. But this planet is full of gorgeous locations that deserve to be experienced.

Start saving and bring out your journals to plan. Here’s a list of places that have something for everyone – the adrenaline junkies, the shopaholics and of course, the beach bums.



This quaint city in Portugal is a dream come true for every traveller. Stroll down lanes that still have wooden trams running through the middle. Yellow buildings and blue skies, Lisbon will work it’s good ol’ charm on you. Located near the Atlantic Ocean, you can enjoy the beachy vibe and the city feels… together.

Your Instagram account is going to make everyone else jealous AF!



If you are one of those who is a nature freak and can stay in the wild, then a trip to Botswana is an absolute must. Jungle safaris, nature trails and the big cats, this place calls all adrenaline junkies to enjoy the best of the wild. You and your friends will have a truck load of memories in just a few days here.



Located near the Indo-China border, Sikkim is heaven on earth. If you love the hills, chilly weather and twinkling stars, there is no place else you should vacation. Hot springs in a valley of flowers, snow-clad mountains and some delicious Tibetan food… is there anything else you need?

Oh wait, your best friend and a bagpack!



Home to the world’s most pristine beaches, Sanya in China is quite underrated. Unknown to a lot of tourists it is perfect for a fun, beach getaway with your beach-es. Beach resorts and water sports will keep you happy while you are there. The best month to visit Sanya is March – so get ready to book your flight tickets!

P.S. If you have friend named Sanya (and most of us do),then it’s meant to be!



Forget Paris and Dubai, Florence is one of the best shopping destinations on this planet. If you are thinking cheap indulgences like kind in Bali and Bangkok, well, you’ll be glad to know that Florence’s streets are full of shops where you can go crazy with your bestie! And the food is to die for too.



An international trip sounds too much? Then Pondicherry is the answer to your woes. Bring your girl gang together and go stay in the French town of India. Delicious sea food and croissants will welcome you with open arms. Relax at the beach or cycle around the city… if you’re looking to chill and relieve your stress, head straight to Pondi.



Take a deep dive into history and plan your next vacation in Prague. Medieval township with beautiful castles will mesmerise you. Also, if you love desserts, then Prague is the place to be. Cute bakeries and even cuter guys will be a treat for you and your best friend!


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