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To Promote The Zoya Factor, Sonam Kapoor Got Celebrities To Spill The Beans On Their Lucky Charms And It’s Very Interesting

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We live in country full of superstitions, from black cats to horse shoes, we are conditioned to believe in them. But, there are a few of us who make up our own as we go. For years I considered myself unlucky, nothing ever went my way. Never got the guy I liked, my grades were in the toilet no matter how much I studied or well, copied and I tripped over every damn thing. Then one day, I landed my first internship and I really didn’t want to blow it so I gathered up all my courage and turned up for my first day. I ended up having the best first day ever, I was super excited. After that, for four months I had essentially played out the same routine morning as my first day all the way down to the songs I had listened to. Because it made me feel like if that’s what I did on a good day then, repeating the same actions should work out for me. This went on for a long time, every time I got a job or went to college, I’d pick a good day and repeat it ad nauseam. Don’t judge me, I mean, okay, do that but know that this is pretty common. Apparently, a lot of celebrities have their own set of superstitions they follow and they are spilling the beans on this for the promotions of The Zoya Factor.

Sonam Kapoor who is neck deep in promotions for this movie, got a bunch of celebrities to participate in a very innovative marketing strategy which totally worked because let’s face it, we all have something that makes us feel better. Each one of them made videos describing their own little ritual they perform to ensure an amazing day at work, for movie successes or just for anything they really want. We love this new marketing technique, it gave us a few good laughs, and a few made us raise an eyebrow. Check it out.

Varun Dhawan has a very unusual ritual to ensure his movies do well on the box office. He says that he only inaugurates the trailers of his movies in screen number 2 of PVR. Wait! There’s more. He also said as part of this superstition he eats an entire tub of caramel popcorn. He eats it for luck, we just eat it anyway.

Alia Bhatt had a very cute one which surprisingly is not all that uncommon among actors. She says if she really wants something , she goes into her bathroom and enacts the scene the way she wants it to play out in real life. She really is sending out positive energies out into the world, I think i’m going to try this too. We cant help but wonder though,  did she do this before she started dating Ranbir too? *goes in to enact scenes with Vicky Kaushal*

Arjun Kapoor had the funniest one though. I have to say a lot of people do this but its amusing every time. It’s more of an OCD than a superstition but well it’s his thing. In his video, he says that every time he is in a room or a car and there is a remote control, he needs the numbers of the volume on an even number. Talk about controlling behaviour, lol.

Ranbir Kapoor’s by far was the most difficult one to follow, unlike his movies. It’s super complex and he seems like he has put a lot of thought into it. He says when he was younger, on his way to school if he spotted a red mail truck, he would make a wish, cross his fingers and not say a word until he saw three black cars on the road.  What happened when he failed to see three black cars? Would he continue to keep his fingers crossed and not say a word all day? We are totally confused. He says three black cars made all his wishes come true. Sigh! If only it worked for us all. He has one more which is more recent, he says he is fixated with the number eight due to its design and fact that it also represents infinity. Such deep thinking.

Twinkle Khanna said she massively obsessed with the compass app on her phone. She believes in vastu and uses the compass app to ensure everything is in the correct place including her son Aarav’s pillow. If you’ve grown up in an Indian household, you’re already used to this.

Karan Johar said that for a long time he believed the letter K was his lucky charm and when that didn’t work, he thought it was 4 letter words, but that didn’t work either. That’s when he started believing in nothing else but the most important thing ever. Nope, not God. Just himself. He is being all philosophical and it is too much to digest for us.

If The Zoya Factor is even half as entertaining as these videos, we cant wait for this Friday to watch it.

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