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Thoughts We All Have When We Are Sick!

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Due to our hectic lifestyles, it’s sometimes hard to find time for ourselves. Diets and gym routines go for a toss, and sick days become all too common.

Apart from all the physical fatigue we endure when we’re sick, our minds are on a roller coaster ride of their own. With nothing to do, we end up thinking the worst about even the slightest of symptoms. A common cold can make us think we’re about to die.

After spending a few solid hours Googling what could be wrong with us, we finally end up writing our will. And don’t even get me started on the taste of medicines. Why can’t they just add a little bit of flavour?

Watch the video above, and share it with the friend who is sick to make them smile. And if you are reading this while laying half-dead in bed with tasteless soup, then hey, give us a shout-out, and let us know what are you thinking.


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