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This Woman’s Husband Has Been Dressing Up In Funny Costumes And Zoom Bombing Her Conference Calls. This Is Hilarious!

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I always thought humour is what binds people. You are likely to be with the person who laughs on all your bad jokes. We take pride in calling our friends the same crazy as us. However, when someone’s humour doesn’t match yours, you either feel offended at their jokes or get bored. This is why I feel we should marry someone who can make us laugh. But most importantly, I want to marry someone I can laugh with. Like even if the joke’s on me, I’d like to pretend to be a little upset but end up laughing! I’d want to high five him when he pulls off a very good one.

Most women would want the same but while some of us have been talking to our plants, this lady is quarantined with her goofy AF husband. Apparently, each time she gets on a video conference with her colleagues, he is there in the background, nonchalantly stealing the limelight.

Cara Fields revealed her husband has been Zoom bombing her conference calls by dressing up in weird costumes. “My husband has a new quarantine hobby of Zoom bombing my conference calls. The colleagues I’m meeting with always see him before I do. Never a dull moment in this household!” Cara Fields posted on LinkedIn, along with a collage of her husband’s different looks.

Seems like Field’s hubby has a unique area of interest. “He has always loved wearing ridiculous things in public to embarrass me,” she told Bored Panda. Now that the world is in indoor, her husband found a way to keep his interest going. “My colleagues love this. It’s so strange to see a team of people laughing while you’re presenting, and then realizing something ridiculous is going on behind you,” Fields explained.

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In fact, people are loving it so much that her friends are actually sending over costumes for him to wear and hijack Field’s meetings. I bet he is a beloved character in all her video calls now. It’s really cute and hilarious. Netizens are loving it and Field’s post has become viral now! These things make tough times so much more bearable.

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