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This Woman From Ahmedabad Beat Up Her Husband After He Refused To Eat Potato Curry. Our Mental Health Is In Shambles

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This entire year has been overshadowed by the pandemic. If you ask me, the coronavirus put a domino effect into play and that is why so many horrible things are happening all at once. The coronavirus-induced lockdown set a lot of terrible things in motion. One of those things was the sudden surge in domestic violence cases. Men beating their wives, in-laws harassing the daughter in law, even dowry cases are on the rise. Domestic violence really is the shadow pandemic and one of the main reasons for it is that everyone’s mental health is right on edge. 

When someone talks about domestic violence though, most of us tend to picture a man beating his wife up for putting less sugar in his chai (sadly, a true story). Although the incident I am about to tell you’ll today is slightly different and very shocking. 

You see, in this case, a 40-year-old man was allegedly beaten up by his wife on Friday night, for not eating a potato curry. Usually, it’s the other way around but through this case, we see that women are not always the victims. There are times, they are the abusers as well. 

The man, Harshad Gohel is a diabetic that resides in Sorainagar locality in Ahmedabad’s Vasna. He lodged a police complaint against his wife claiming that he and his wife, Tara Goel would get into arguments often. But, on Friday when he objected to eating the potato curry she had prepared saying that it was against the advice of his doctors, things got physical. 

Tara went into the bathroom and got the washing bat and began thrashing Harshad. 

Upon hearing his cries for help, the family members came in, diffused the situation and rescued him. They took him to VS Hospital, where the doctors found a fracture in his right shoulder. 

In his FIR, Harshad alleged, “I objected to this and asked why she had made potato curry even when she knew it wasn’t good for my health. This did not well with my wife who began abusing me.” 

A police investigation is underway and a case against Tara has been registered for causing hurt and abusing her husband. 

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Anyone who has read any of our stories will know that we work our hardest towards women’s rights and diminishing violence against women. But there are a few that are a complete and utter shame to our gender and we are not afraid to call them out as well. Tara needs to be as accountable as all the other men we have seen in cases like these. She fractured his shoulder, she should be prosecuted. 

In most cases that we see, it’s the men that do the beating and the women that end up in the hospital. We always see men as the culprit; that’s how our perceptions are painted. But like we see in this incident, that is not always the case. There are a few women who are a disgrace to the entire gender. Everyone’s mental health is extremely fragile right now, and everything can seem like a trigger. But that is not an excuse for anyone to beat their husbands or wives. 

All this over some potato curry, really?!

Domestic Abuse Cases Increase In India As Women Are Being Beaten Up By Their Frustrated Husbands In This Lockdown. Women Are Not Punching Bags, This Has To Stop.


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