This Video Of A Woman Dancing On Madhuri Dixit’s Ek Do Teen To Beat The Coronavirus Stress Is So Joyful

This Video Of A Woman Dancing On Madhuri Dixit’s Ek Do Teen To Beat The Coronavirus Stress Is So Joyful

I have always feared and hated uncertainty with a passion and with the kind of situation coronavirus has put us in, uncertainty is all we have. COVID-19 has hit the entire globe and none of the countries had seen it coming. It caught us off guard and now, the entire world has kept everything aside to fight this pandemic. This has also led to heightened panic and anxiety among people because a) there is no guarantee you won’t catch it and b) what if the supplies run out. We don’t know when this will pass. We don’t know what will it take and how much our lives will be affected.

People are practising social distancing and are quarantining themselves at home. We are beginning to realise the importance of the little things like meeting friends, going for the run we promised we would go on and toilet rolls. But amidst all of this chaos, people all over the world are trying in their own little way to not let the pandemic panic take a toll on them.

Recently, a video of a woman from Greece Katerina Korosidou went viral on the internet as she is seen dancing on a popular Madhuri Dixit song to beat the coronavirus stress. Her colleague shared the 37-sec video in which she is grooving to Ek Do Teen. “While the world is in stress because of coronavirus, my colleague Katerina Korosidou is enjoying dancing at work to get away from Corona stress. Katerina is from Greece and a huge fan of famous Indian actress Madhuri Dixit,” the tweet read. Shared just yesterday, the video has more than 28K views already.

Twitter users have been praising her for her spirit. “This genuinely made me feel so happy,” a user wrote. Another user pointed out, “Never seen a Caucasian dance like an Indian so perfectly” and it totally makes sense. Of course, as Indians we are overjoyed to see others embracing our culture and art. But she has nailed it in desi style!

Earlier, Will Ripley a CNN correspondent shared a video dancing to Muqabla from Street Dancer 3D. This video was appreciated and shared by Varun Dhawan too.

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We also saw a video of Italians singing in their balconies to lighten up the mood. It’s amazing how people around the world are trying to keep find joy in little things!

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