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This Tamil Actor Gifted A Newly Wed Couple 5 Liters Of Petrol As A Wedding Gift. What A Thoughtful Gift

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Figuring out what to give someone as a wedding gift is a daunting task. It has to be something of value but also something that has some sentiment behind it. A few months ago, when my best friend was getting married it took months of brainstorming and running from pillar to post but we finally found the perfect pair of white gold earrings that fit perfectly in our budget. However, because I write about bizarre wedding elements for a living I know of gifts that are so weird that they are good. For instance, recently Tamil actor-comedian Mayilsamy gifted a newly wed couple 5 liters of petrol. It’s such a perfect gift for today’s day and age. We all know that fuel prices are skyrocketing.

Mayilsamy got this couple two cans full of petrol. This bizarre wedding gift is making headlines because of its unique nature. Reportedly, this is Mayilsamy’s way of taking a jibe at the ever-rising fuel prices. He explains this in a video that is doing the rounds of social media. Mayilsamy gifted this couple petrol to express his concern with the fuel price in our country.

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In the same video Mayilsamy also lauded the Tamil Nadu government for attempting to slash petrol prices by Rs 3 per liter. He has also called out the union government for not paying any attention to this issue. The fuel prices are at an all time high and it is affecting the general population. Although, it will affect this couple a little less considering that they’ve received two cans full of petrol.

If the prices continue to grow at this rate, giving people petrol will be a common practice. It’s a unique, albeit bizarre, gift. But hey, at least this won’t be something that the couple put away for years at end and then regift. All in all, it’s a very thoughtful gift.

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