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This Spanish Couple Got Married On Their Balcony As Their Neighbours Attended Through Theirs. This Is Love In Times Of Coronavirus.

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I have grown up watching a rom coms and listening to cheesy songs. And I always wanted to write about love and relationships, which I do at Hauterfly. So I think it’s safe to say I am a diehard romantic. You know the type of girl that cries during a happy ending of a movie. I shamelessly admit that I need a lot of affection and can drown a person in my hugs and kisses. Which is why, when I was 16, I was already dreaming of what kind of wedding I’d want. I used to dream of me walking down the aisle in a pretty white gown at a venue overlooking the sea. He’d be looking at me like they show in the movies and we’d even write our own vows. I had even shortlisted two out of three songs for our first dance. I wanted to add red choodas and mehndi to create a contrasting blend of cultures.

While none of this is going to happen and I really don’t care anymore considering I have bigger problems. For example, I am single af! But my point of telling you this is that even though I dreamt of a wedding, for me (especially after growing up!) it’s about being married! I don’t care what ceremonies happen or how we wed. In fact, I don’t agree with how Indians like to blow up all their savings on weddings. It’s about starting a new journey with bae and you can do it in a simple way.

Alba Díaz and Daniel Camino, a Spanish couple, who had spent months to plan a wedding for themselves realised that none of those plans will see the light of the day, courtesy coronavirus. With COVID-19 cases on the rise, Spain is under lockdown right now. But that doesn’t mean the couple has to delay exchanging vows!

In fact, Diaz being a wedding planner herself could have been demotivated with the plans getting cancelled. But nope, for the couple what mattered was them promising to spend the rest of their lives together, in sickness and in heath. So they decided to go ahead with exchanging the vows but through their windows!

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Diaz and Camino got married leaning out of their balcony, while their next door neighbour led the ceremony. Several people came to their balconies to be witnesses to the wedding. She even threw the bouquet to a friend who lived opposite her apartment! This is literally so cute and heart-warming. Quarantine or no quarantine, I’d definitely be having a very small ceremony with just my close ones, unless I turn out to be the crazy cat lady who dies alone in an apartment full of cats. Wait, was I supposed to end this on a cute note?

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