This Photo of A Guwahati Nurse In PPE Suit Sitting Exhausted Speaks Volumes! We Salute Her Dedication

This Photo of A Guwahati Nurse In PPE Suit Sitting Exhausted Speaks Volumes! We Salute Her Dedication

This pandemic has taught us a lot, one of which is that the healthcare professionals and the frontline workers are the real superheroes fighting the evil named Coronavirus. They are literally putting their lives on stake every day, overworking themselves and working in extreme conditions. Here we are asked to stay indoors (INDOORS!) and some people can’t seem to do even that while the medical staff is exhausting itself in PPE suits in unbearable heat just so that we can live.

Once cladded in their personal protective equipment (PPE) suits, they can’t eat or even drink water for a long time. Plus, since summer is at its peak, heat stress is another issue with the protective gear. In case you didn’t know, last month, three healthcare workers fainted in their PPE suits in sweltering afternoon due to dehydration and exhaustion. Then there was a video of a doctor dancing to the song ‘Garmi’ in her PPE suit which went viral on social media.

This time it is a nurse from Guwahati sitting exhausted on the floor due to extreme heat whose photo is going viral on the internet. Reports say she works at the Khanapara COVID Care Centre in Guwahati. The temperature of the city goes up to around 32 degree celsius which is a lot to take in the thick protective suit. The photo shows the determination and dedication of these healthcare workers who are tired but still not giving up.

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The Health Minister of Assam, Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma retweeted the photo, “Proud of my team.” Netizens lauded the unwavering devotion and commitment of the corona warriors in serving Covid-19 patients and empathised with the pain they are going through for days on end.

One twitter user wrote, “Such a sad picture…How exhausted she looks!” “We are lucky that we have warriors like her…thank you dear doctors and nurses,” another tweeted, “Great effort by our medical warriors. We appreciate their selflessness. Despite being prone to the disease they are working tirelessly day night,” a twitter user wrote.

It was truly heartbreaking to see a healthcare worker in pain like that but empathising with them and thanking them isn’t enough. We often hear about how medical professionals are misbehaved with and are abused by the patients’ families which is outrageous. They are suffering for us, staying away from their families for weeks and putting their lives at risk every day. The least we can do is stay home and give these warriors the respect they deserve. And maybe once this is all over, we can thank them in the way we know.

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