This Netizen Imagined All Of Rihanna’s OTT Outfits As Indian Snacks. His Twitter Thread Is The Funniest Thing You Will See

If someone were to ever ask me how I spent my time during the lockdown, I would tell them a tale about the time I walked aimlessly around the house and cleaned my room three times a day. I would also tell them about how I tried to learn a new language (and failed at spectacularly), ate through books, took a course in mandala painting and just chilled into the night (something we could all do a little more of). Whoever said that this lockdown was the worst thing that could’ve happened to us isn’t doing it right.

I mean, come on can you think of a better time to go after your passion or find out your hidden talents? Even if that talent is making nonsensical TikTok videos, go for it. Netflix will be there even after the lockdown, but all this free time won’t (apologies, I have been spending too much time with my mother). Every time I scroll through Instagram or Twitter I come across so many people doing such crazy, fun and creative things. Nick Jonas is spending all his time learning Latte Art for crying out loud (hopefully his coffee is better than his songs).

And in such a search for inspiration, as I was scrolling this morning and I came across this Twitter thread that has achieved virality because of its whacked out and out-of-the-box concept. This Twitter thread was made by a Twitter user and he used his creativity and imagination to make comparisons of Rihanna as various dishes in the Indian cuisine.

Yeah, you heard me right. This guy has taken all of Rihanna’s iconic OTT ideas and perfectly matched them to an Indian dish. This guy is clearly being super productive during this lockdown and he isn’t messing around for the dishes he paired each outfit with matches to the letter. And don’t even get us started to just how entertaining it is to even look at.

We all know Queen RiRi loves to experiment with her outfits and loves OTT outfits almost as much as Lady Gaga did. She is adored by a bandwidth of loyal fans, her makeup line Fenti Beauty is absolutely killing it in the beauty world and even though she has taken a sabbatical from making music her songs, no one can resist shaking a leg to her tunes.

All in all, Rihanna is a lot of things but thanks to this twitter user, this is the first time I saw her as chicken tandoori or a dhokla. When I first saw these, I laughed so hard, my stomach hurt a little. Our favorite was her cloning an absolutely delicious looking vada pav, which one is yours?

Check them out:

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Hopefully, this will wash away all your lockdown blues!

Mitali Shah

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