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This Man Is Marrying His Cat To Raise Funds For An Animal Society. Where’s Our Invite?

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Us animal lovers are often seen as a slightly different species by those who don’t care much for our furry friends. Okay, I admit it, we may be a little extreme. We can’t resist feeding and playing with every stray we see, we’re always pestering the rest of you with cute videos, and we fiercely advocate animals rights. Recently, a dog trainer of our little community matched her wedding outfit with her dog. Read about that sweet story here. But today, we have a hilarious and adorable story that takes loving your pet to a whole new level.

A man from California is all set to get married – not to a person, but to his cat! Scott Perry has had his beloved cat Olivia by his side for the past five years. He brought her home when she was only two years old. In fact, back then he was still with his ex girlfriend. Scott has even made a website for their wedding, which is set to be on the 23rd of May, 2020. The ceremony will take place via an Instagram live on his account, @scottperry.

“It was love at first site! Well, sorta – Olivia hopped right into my girlfriend’s lap and right into our hearts!” he says on the website. He says that she was a very shy cat at first, but later opened up to him.

But Scott and Olivia are taking this big step for a very special reason. They’re raising funds for the same animal shelter that Olivia was adopted from – Best Friends Animal Society NKLA. He has created a wedding registry to collect money to help animals in need. Cash donations can be made, which will be forwarded to the animal society.

“With the two of us locked down for the crisis, we decided to take the leap and make it official, by offering the world a bright spot to all the bad news out there and to raise money for the very place we met, Best Friends Animal Society NKLA.”

Olivia looks adorable in her wedding dress!

Even though it may seem a little weird, we think this is the sweetest idea, and definitely a great way to raise funds for a good cause. Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Stray animals and those in shelters are suffering due to the lockdown. Animal societies need donations now more than ever. Every act of kindness counts towards making this a little easier for our precious fur balls. If you know of strays near your house that used to be fed by locals before the lockdown, try to see if you can spare them some food. A little snack and lots of love goes a long way.

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