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This Indian Bride Captured Working On A Laptop At Her Wedding Is Going Viral. Netizens Are Wildly Speculating About What She Was Doing

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Indian weddings aren’t simple and it’s a fact that the world is aware of. In fact, most weddings in India have far more guests than the MET Gala does and some crazy ones even cross Oscar’s 3000 mark. Before the lockdown happened, weddings came with immense pressure and brides would often end up losing weight simply by stressing over the preparations. You have no time for yourself, for your future husband and your family. Meanwhile, everything has to be perfect just so some aunty somewhere doesn’t get offended. But here’s the thing. Women today aren’t unemployed and we barely get a handful of leaves for the wedding and honeymoon. All in all, it gets a tad too difficult to manage sometimes.

We get it and all that, but netizens are baffled by the dedication of this one bride in particular who seems to be have been caught working at her own wedding. I kid you not, the video is going viral and people are just amazed watching her working on her laptop and taking calls while the groom looks on. So the web world is assuming that she is working but maybe she’s doing something else – like grabbing that item on sale before it gets sold out, changing her relationship status on Facebook or Googling ‘How to sell your relatives on OLX?’ And since it’s not likely what is the case, the netizens have come to the conclusion that the bride was actually working on her wedding!

A user wrote that it’s a good way to ignore the relatives, “That’s a good idea to ignore the relatives fake hugs and smile.” Someone wrote, “Must be trading on Nifty.” Another user speculated that she must be trying to achieve her sales targets. “Sales mein hogi aur month end mein shaadi fix ho gayi. Closing kare ya shaadi,” they tweeted. A lot of people guessed that she is probably going live or just obsessed with putting up pictures and videos on social media.

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We don’t know what the bride is doing in this video and even though the nation wants to know, unless she tells us, we won’t. The mystery shall live but either way, I wish she could just kick back and relax at her wedding. But then again, how many couples get to do that? I would probably be washing down some pizza with a bottle of wine at my own reception so I can give those aunties more to gossip about. It’s a win-win!

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