This Girl From Kerala Wrote Her Examination In An Ambulance After Testing Positive For COVID 19. That’s Some Dedication

I am so glad this year is coming to an end. Yes, I am aware that there is a huge chance that 2021 might not be any better but hey, at least it can’t be any worse. So many things went wrong this year all because some virus decided to infiltrate and take over our lives. However, I am the kind of person that chooses to see the glass half full. Not really, but humour me. This year might’ve been as horrible as it can get but there a few things that were for the better. This lockdown has taught us more about ourselves than we ever knew and it has given us so many inspiring stories. The latest one being about a Kerala woman who, despite being COVID positive, gave her PSC examination in an ambulance. 

Like all students aspiring to give this prestigious examination, Gopika Gopan had been preparing for a long time. And even though she was infected by the coronavirus, she didn’t let it put a pin in her dreams. On Monday, Gopika took the PSC examination in an ambulance parked outside a government school, which was the venue for the exam. 

Gopika told TOI, “Once we start writing, we usually forget about the surrounding environment. It wasn’t any different from sitting inside an examination hall and the venue hardly mattered to me.” Further adding, “Upon testing positive, we checked with the PSC authorities about the possibility of COVID-19 patients attending the exam. I was told that there was no hurdle if I could arrange an ambulance and write the examination inside it. Since I did not step out, I was not asked to wear a PPE kit but I was allowed to wear a mask.” 

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Even though Gopika was not required to wear a PPE kit, the PSC authorities had advised the ambulance driver to wear one as he was not supposed to sit inside while the exam was on. Once it was over, the invigilator collected Gopika’s answer sheet in a polythene cover. 

Gopika’s determination to give these exams at any cost is inspiring. If I was in her shoes I would not be able to move let alone write an exam as tough as PSC. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have my concerns over this situation. As glad as it is that the PSC authorities allowed Gopika to write her exam in an ambulance despite being COVID positive, is it really the safest solution? I mean, even if she doesn’t get off the ambulance, she is still highly contagious. We just hope that she did not compromise anyone else’s safety while writing her PSC examination. 

Having said that, Gopika is a great example of how we should let the coronavirus deter us!

Mitali Shah

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