This Daughter Worked Hard So Her Mother Didn’t Have To Be Dependent On Her Dad For Simple Pleasures Like Shopping

Mother not dependant on Dad

There are several people who don’t respect domestic labour and nurturing that housewives and mothers bring to the table. Just because they took care of the house, instead of bringing money home, the power gets rather imbalanced. They call the earning member, usually our dads, the “provider” but don’t mothers also “provide?” Maybe a housewife isnt providing financial support but she is managing the house, family and everything by compromising on many opportunities she could enjoy for herself. A mother is a provider too and she must be respected, her needs catered to, like everyone else’s in the house.

Recently, a daughter took to Twitter to share how she always wanted to grow up and fulfil her mother’s needs and it got everyone quite emotional. She explained how her mother was always dependent on her father financially and she would not get enough money to shop or indulge herself. “My mom is dependant on my dad financially. When I was young she had all these desires to shop and dress up but dad always treated her bad. I used to get very upset and tell her, “Mai padh likh k job karungi and bahut paise kamaungi fir aap jee bhar k shopping karna”,” she wrote.

The user added how today, she loves it when her mother shops and fulfils her little desires. “Today she was telling me this as she ordered another kurti. I could feel how proud and happy she was that she doesn’t has to rely on dad anymore. She has daughter. I am so happy that I could fulfill her desires. It’s the biggest W for me,” she tweeted.

One or two users pointed out how her mother is now dependent on her daughter but hey, that’s not a bad thing. Her daughter respects her and she is happy to indulge her. Honestly, the mothers are never really dependent per se; they are made to feel that way. All that labour, if that came with a salary, she’d have her own money and she’d probably be making enough! In fact, I’d say she’s getting peanuts in materialistic aspects but in terms of love from her daughter, she’s showering in riches!

“My mom didnt travel anywhere with my dad after her honeymoon. She has this dream that she goes out somewhere abroad and enjoy there like for a month and know how beautiful this world is And also she has this dream of getting a diamond ring and i said the same like you that,” another user shared.

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“Priceless feeling completely. Bless you. I used to earn but my daughter wants to gift me a tech device or jewelry every year (and already bought a few <3 ). I feel happy and proud yet awkward to take gifts from her instead of gifting her. But that’s OK. Isn’t this how we evolve,” a mother tweeted.

It is heartening to see daughters growing up to take care of their moms financially. And the society acts like only sons do that!

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