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This Couple Invited Cows, Monkeys And Rabbits To Their Wedding Feast

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As much as this pandemic has affected us, humans, we can’t deny that it has also affected all animals and birds. They might be immune to the adverse effects of the coronavirus but with the stringent lockdown in place, a lot of stray animals are going hungry. And I not only talking about the animals on the streets. You see, most animal shelters depend on donations to stay open. And without these donations, they are barely scraping by. Which means that the animals in their care are suffering too. It’s heartbreaking to even think about. Amid all this despair, a newlywed couple in Andhra Pradesh held a three-day feast at an animal shelter for all the animals and birds. It’s so wholesome!

According to reports, Nikhil and Raksha, a newlywed couple offered fodder, vegetables and fruits worth Rs 60,000 to animals Pashu Kshetra on the outskirts of Nellore. Considering their wedding list was extremely small because of the COVID 19 pandemic, they decided to hold this feast for all the animals. After their ceremony, the couple and their families headed to Sri Mahaveer Pashu Kshetra to celebrate their marriage by feeding the animals. Well, at least these animals will appreciate the food and not crib like a lot of human guests are known to do. The couple also organized a grand feast for all the workers at that animal shelter.

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A video of this unique feast went viral on social media. In the video, you can see the animal shelter workers feeding cows, monkeys, rabbits, and birds. This is so heartwarming. The couple’s noble gesture was greatly appreciated by netizens and animal lovers.

Hopefully, people will see this couple’s gesture and be inspired. These starving animals need our help. Instead of throwing out all the food that is wasted after a wedding celebration, next time, consider donating it to an animal shelter. They will cherish it more than any human can.

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