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This Couple From Kerala Got Married With Over Hundred Guests On A Zoom Call. The Mangalsutra Came Through Speed Post!

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This lockdown crapped all over my travel plans and now I might have to spend all my vacation day’s camping on my terrace because I refuse to spend them at home. Well, at least in my head, I am sipping King’s beer while lounging on a beach chair listening to Cold Play. The truth is, it was a huge bummer to me and my bank account when I had to cancel my tickets and reservations but the option of going through with it and risking myself and everyone else as well, not an option at all.

Can you imagine though, that if I feel so bad about one little cancelled trip what the people who have had to cancel entire weddings must go through? All that blood sweat and tears that go into planning the perfect wedding just gone down the drain. It must be so sad for those couples have to cancel all their celebrations. Which is why I believe that virtual weddings have become such a craze during this lockdown, and I am grateful that people are preferring this instead of choosing to flout lockdown rules.

The latest couple whose virtual wedding caught our eye was Vignesh KM and Anjali Ranjith, a couple from Kerala who had been planning their nuptials for a year. The lockdown that has been put in place because of Coronavirus washed over all their wedding plans like they were made of sand. The young couple, however, did not let this get them down.

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They adopted a positive attitude and set out to go ahead with the scheduled date all while keeping in mind the lockdown laws. They pulled off a rather spectacular wedding with at least a hundred guests in attendance from around the world, including the parents of the bride and groom who joined in through a Zoom video call.

Vignesh and Anjali both work in Pune and were supposed to travel to their hometowns in Kerala for their wedding celebrations. But obviously, they had to get creative since the lockdown rendered that plan impossible. So, they decided on having a virtual wedding. They even created special invitations which included the Zoom link and password.

The ceremony was conducted in the groom’s flat with the help of his roommates. One of them even acted as a representative of the family and performed rituals with them. Who said the perfect roommates don’t exist? Their families were in attendance through video conferencing.

Talking about his wedding, Vignesh said, “Luckily everything went well. A stable internet and technology-enabled our family and friends from all around the globe to join the virtual marriage. It was an entirely different experience but a memorable one.”

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The highlight though of this wedding is that the couple’s parents, who were in attendance through a video call, sent the mangalsutra and their wedding attires through speed post ahead of time while the lockdown restrictions were relaxed a little in Kerala. That’s innovative, isn’t it? They got all the aspects of a traditional wedding right despite the lockdown.

Anjali said, “During the initial days of lockdown we had the hopes of being able to get home at least by the first week of May. But as the days went by, we started to realise that we won’t be able to go, but still, we did not want to postpone the wedding.”

The coronavirus pandemic has hit right in the middle of the wedding season, which means just like all the other sectors of our economy the wedding industry too has suffered major losses. But the pandemic hasn’t discouraged couples from getting married during this time. A growing number of are holding virtual weddings to ensure that their ceremonies stay on track.

Let’s just hope this pandemic gets over soon so we can go back to dancing at big fat Indian weddings!

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