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This Chinese Woman Requested A Delivery Man To Throw Tea On Her Ex Boyfriend’s Face. It’s A Sticky But Hilarious Revenge Story

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Some people would say I have been single for too long. But that not the way they see it. From where I stand, all I am doing is protecting myself from heartbreak, again. I know that both perspectives are flawed but hey, nothing hurts more than watching someone you love, love someone else, right? But what can you do? Which brings me to my question. Given a chance, would you take revenge on your ex? Nothing illegal of course, just something that would douse that anger soaring through your veins. It’s fun to think about, isn’t it? But actually plotting and executing a plan is a whole different story. Just ask this Chinese woman who got tea thrown at her ex’s face. Yep, this is a very stick break up story.

It all started when this woman from Shangdong, China, placed a food order that was to be delivered to her ex-boyfriend. Apparently, she was still extremely angry with her ex and so she added some unconventional instructions to her food order. She requested that the delivery person throw tea on her ex’s face. Yikes. What I would give to know what the man did to deserve this delicious revenge.

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Bizarre footage of a delivery man throwing tea and the man’s face is going viral all over social media. In the video, after he splashes tea all over the ex, he not only looks apologetic but also shows the man a copy of the order to explain his actions. According to the translation given by Globe-News Insider, the instructions on the order read, “There is no need to treat him well. Just go and throw this tea in his face.”

Although this incident took place last month, the footage has only come to light now. And we are glad it has, it’s one revenge story that is hilarious. Granted it’s very over-the-top but I think we can all relate to the kind of anger the woman must be feeling toward her ex when she placed this order. However, there are other ways of avenging yourself, ones that don’t include the risk of physically hurting, or in this case burning him. I hear sending your ex dog poo is an effective method. Not that I am thinking about it.

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