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This Bride Helped A Groomsman Propose To One Of Her Bridesmaids At Her Own Wedding. I Wouldn’t Like That

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Not that I think about it a lot, but whenever it is that I do think of my wedding day, apart from wanting every thing pretty, and perfect and in place, one other thing that I also imagine having is all the attention. At the cost of sounding like, well every other bride, I admit that when it comes to my special day, be it my birthday or my wedding, I am far from being a sharer. Quite the opposite, to be honest. And those who have seen the hit show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S will know what I am talking about when they think back to Monica Geller losing it when she thought Rachel was stealing her thunder.

You see, as much as we might be versed with the concept of sharing our happiness and helping other people achieve the same, when it is about sharing your special day, things are bound to get a little bit different. Or so we thought, up until we heard the story of this bride, who helped a groomsman propose to her bridesmaid on her own wedding day. That’s right, the thunder wasn’t stolen here, it was gladly handed over!

In what the internet is now calling a crazy ‘plot twist’, the netizens are going bonkers over a video of a wedding that has gone viral, showing how this bride herself helped one of the groomsman make a sweet proposal to her bridesmaid.

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PLOT TWIST from MadeMeSmile

The video that is 30 seconds long, starts with the bride pretending to throw the bouquet towards her bridesmaids as way of a ritual. Except, seconds before throwing it, she turns around, and walks up to this one bridesmaid, to whom she hands the bouquet in her hand. Surprised at why she did it, the bride then asks her to turn around, which is when she finds one of the groomsmen and her fiancé-to-be, bent down on one knee with a ring in hand. Excuse us, we’re gonna find some tissues.

Everything about this video, from the unexpected turn the bouquet throwing took, to how the bride didn’t mind sharing her big day and the attention that comes with it, with one of her close friends, was like a breath of fresh air to us. An un-relatable one, but fresh, no less. Posted almost 2 days ago, the video since then has garnered 69,000 positive votes. Why was this bride okay with a proposal at her wedding?

One user wrote, “When everyone is on the same page this is great. Love seeing such close friendship,” while another one commented, “Only acceptable way to propose at a wedding, when the bride is your accomplice. Beautiful.” Meanwhile, we assume that the Monicas of the world would be flipping out seeing the video. What are your views about it?

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