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10 Things You Have To Do Before 2017 Ends!

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You know it’s December when everyone around you seems obsessed with making resolutions. Unlike ‘promises’, resolutions are meant to be broken.

So why wait for the New Year to do something you always wanted to, or bring about some change in your life? You have 27 days left before 2018 kicks in, and trust me, that’s enough.

If you need help getting started, here are 10 things you should do to make the most of 2017, while it lasts!


1. Star That Blog/Online Journal Now!

With so many blogs out there, it can get a little intimidating to start something new. But if you’re passionate about it, don’t let anything stop you. Even if it’s not for the public eye, give your thoughts a chance to find the comfort of words.

And though it is painful to say this, if you don’t have the time to keep a journal, opt for an online one. It’s really that simple.


2. Start a travel fund

We’ve all ranted about how we wished we had more money to travel. The truth is it’s really upto us.

So, before the year ends, open a recurring deposit to fund all the amazing travel experiences you want to have in 2018. Or if that’s too much, a piggy bank also works.


3.  Have the best Christmas ever

Christmas is probably the happiest day of the year. There are joyful smiles all around and it is one day that needs to be celebrated. This year make it as memorable as possible.

Go all out while shopping or indulge in a lavish Christmas spread. Just make sure 25th December is the best day for you of 2017.


4. Live in the lap of nature

The chaos of the city can make life monotonous and very routine-like. Take a break and live in the jungle or the mountains. No, seriously, just go. It’s an experience that will last a lifetime, and give you a fresher perspective towards life.

Jungle safari, camping, trekking, or maybe just a walk in the woods? Clear your mind and find peace in the lap of nature.


5. Send out ‘thank you’ postcards

Year enders are the perfect time to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. No matter how your year has been, let go off all the negativity before the new one starts. Be grateful for all the good things that happened and the people who stood by you. Write letters or send out cute postcards to thank the best people in your life!



6. Fill in a memory jar

Invest in a jar and just fill it with the best things that have happened to you this year. This will help you forget the bad stuff, and put a huge, beautiful smile on your face.

Also, this works magically as a gift!


7. Finish reading a book

Okay, this one you absolutely have to do!

Pick up any book, and dive into it. Make it a point to finish it before 2018 starts. It is the best break that you can get from the digital world.


8. Change your environment

Not talking about a complete makeover, but a small change in your surroundings that will make you look at life in a different way. Redo your desk space, get new bedsheets, buy a plant or even a photo frame with your friends. It’ll do the trick!


9. Learn a new skill

Learn how to cook or even how to code, add a shining new skill to your resume. If you don’t have the time to go to a class, then there are tons of online courses that work just as well. In today’s age, there is really no room for excuses!


10. Do something selfless

It’s the perfect time to do something amazing for others. Not just a big act of charity, but something as small as making coffee for a colleague who’s stressed, or a cute DIY card for your mum. Anything that will make someone genuinely happy!


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