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The Trailer Of Chhapaak Is Hard Hitting, Powerful And There’s No Trace Of The Star That Is Deepika Padukone

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The trailer of Chhapaak is out. For a long time, we here at Hauterfly have talked about how Bollywood often romanticises and glosses up reality to make what we see palatable. Everything is beautiful, perfect, even the chaos is manageable. It never overwhelms with any feeling, except when they want us to cry.

And that’s what we said about Chhapaak’s first look as well. We thought that what we were being served wasn’t the raw, gritty reality but the kind of acid attack face we would be comfortable watching on screen. Because if you have Deepika Padukone, even if scarred and burn, you don’t want her to not be pretty at all, right? And that didn’t sit right with us.

But now, the trailer of Chhapaak has released and we’re glad. We’re thrilled that Meghana Gulzar didn’t want to serve us a glossy version of Deepika Padukone. And thank god for that. Because we need to see the naked, harsh truth. And acid attacks are a truth that we must handle and when we make cinema out of it, it should hit where it hurts.

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What I loved more is that you can’t see much of Deepika Padukone in the movie. And by that I mean, the star, the persona – it’s the first time that we are seeing Deepika completely surrender to the character. So even her mannerisms, her voice, all of it is meant to serve Malti- the character she plays in the film. She imbibes this role, really lives it and kudos to Deepika for doing this.

At the trailer launch, Deepika broke down while watching the trailer and you can tell that this is really close to her heart. We teared up a little ourselves.

We can’t wait for this one to hit the theatres, we are going to be keeping an eye out for this.


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