‘The Kissing Booth’ Is Every High School Movie Ever!


The secret to millennials not dying of boredom is Netflix. And the current obsession? The Kissing Booth. Let’s be honest; everyone just started watching it because of the title. It is click-baity AF. (But we fell for the ‘cover’ too soon… ’cause the ‘book’ was honestly not that cray.)




Anyhoo, the movie cast — Joey King and Jacob Elordi — is gaining quite the fan following for being the new good-looking couple to have appeared on the Internet. Yup, the on-screen lovers are also dating in real life. Just love such stories!

The plot is simple. Based in a high school (imagine every Hollywood movie ever), it’s about two best friends, a girl and a guy who grew up together. Before you think that they fall in love, think again! Elle Evans falls in love with her best friend’s (Lee Fynn) brother, Noah Fynn. And guess what Noah’s character is like? The high school heartthrob, and football captain. Cliché much? Yup.

For a school function, they set up a kissing booth, and that’s where the chemistry begins!




But dating your best friend’s sibling is out of bounds in every rule book, and that’s the basis of this movie. Cheesy dialogues, drama, love, and a trip back to our teenage days — if you’ve had enough of such movies, then no point wasting your time. But if you’re looking for some ol’ school butterflies in your tummy, then go for it. Of course, with your girlfriends by your side, and a tub full of chocolate ice cream for company.

Also, let’s please take a moment to appreciate the beauty that Jacob a.k.a. Noah is. Look at him. Just keep staring. Leaving this right here for your pleasure:


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