The Brazilian President Whose Views On Women Are Disrespectful Is The Chief Guest At Our Republic Day Celebrations. Why?

The Brazilian President Whose Views On Women Are Disrespectful Is The Chief Guest At Our Republic Day Celebrations. Why?

Republic day is around the corner guys, and of course like every year I was fully planning on watching the parade that takes place in our capital. After all, this day marks the day we finally turned into one of the world’s largest democratic countries (what we did with that is a whole different story). But now I am in two minds about even watching it. Not because I am not a patriot but because this year the person whom our PM Narendra Modi has invited to be the chief guest of the celebrations, makes Trump look like an innocent child in comparison.

This year’s Republic Day chief guest is *drumroll please*, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. When I first read this news, I was glad that we are trying to form better ties with Brazil, that was until I read all about him. Apparently, the man who has been invited as the chief guest for our Republic Day celebrations has gone on record to say that if in war some innocent people die, that’s fine. Yep, we’ve got such a catch as our chief guest this year. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the controversial beliefs this man is sitting on.

Reportedly, in 2003 President Jair told congresswoman Maria Do Rosario that “I wouldn’t rape you because you don’t deserve it.” This turned into the biggest political scandal in his career, but he stuck to his statements and reiterated them every time someone asked him about it. In a newspaper interview, he said that Rosario was “not worth raping; she is very ugly.” Is this really someone we want as the chief guest of one of our biggest celebrations?

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PM Modi wants to strengthen ties with Brazil which is understandable. But shouldn’t he take into consideration that the Brazilian President is a sexist pig who believes women need to be worthy to be raped? It does not end there though, he has also said things like “I’ve got five kids but on the fifth I had a moment of weakness and it came out a woman.” Chief Guest of the Republic Day celebrations, seriously? He is literally promoting everything we are trying so hard to eradicate from India.

Brazil is one of the largest allies India has, agreed. But what kind of a message does Jair Bolsonaro’s presence at our Republic Day parade send out? Let’s think about that.

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