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This Cool App Brings The Gym Home To You In 30 Minutes!

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Have you ever wondered if scrolling through Instagram could be taken for a workout?! How I wish it was! Personally, I hate going to the gym because it is inconveniently too far away from my home, but hey! I found a way to get the gym home to me!

The TrainMe app came to my rescue. What’s TrainMe, you ask? It is like “Uber” for your workout regimen. You simply download the app and pick your location, whether it is your home, office, park, or even a beach! Select your workout preferences and feed in your fitness goals. For me, it was mainly about toning my body.

Once I booked, the trainer met me at the given location in less than 30 minutes to get the workout session going. He brought all the equipment required for the workout routine, which is customised for your body and fitness goals. The session lasted about 50 minutes, and left me feeling stronger and fitter than ever before!

No doubt my muscles were sore the next day, but I am definitely in for another round of this fabulous service. Watch this video in order to know more about my workout experience with TrainMe!

P.S. Use your code: HAUTER10 in order to get 4 free sessions when you book a pack of 10 workouts!

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