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Tara Sutaria Talks About How She Dealt With Critisicm After SOTY 2. We Think We All Could Learn From Her!

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They say wisdom has less to do with age and more to do with experience and turns out that the one proving this statement right is Bollywood’s recent starlet and Student Of The Year 2 actress Tara Sutaria. She recently gave us all a bout of wisdom and words to live by, as she went on to talk about her first movie and how she handled it not doing as well as a Dharma Production is usually touted to do.

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In a candid interview with the debutante who is currently only one movie old in the industry, Tara Sutaria opened up about a lot of things but what stayed with us was how the young actress reacted to the kind of mixed reactions her first film Student of The Year 2 received. When asked about it, she said, “You know the good thing is that I’ve been performing since I was young. I’m quite used to a certain amount of criticism because there’s always going to be there in the performing arts, whether it’s acting, singing, dancing, whatever you do that’s going to come your way.”

She further continued saying, “Not everyone is going to connect and understand and appreciate what you do and that’s completely okay. I think that’s very important in the creative process. I think there’s a lot to learn from constructive criticism and of course when there’s trolling and when they are bullying and things like that – I don’t subscribe to that. But I think that it’s part and parcel of what we do and I’m sure that’s going to happen with every film so I’m open and I accept it.” And honestly, this kind of foresight from a 23 year old is more than impressive.

Of course, a lot of people talk about being thick-skinned to be able to survive in an industry like this, but even the best of them are sometimes caught off guard when you’re faced with such criticism and trolling. Guess, the millennials are already upping their game, starting with upping their tolerance levels and taking such criticism constructively. Who knew the student would learn such arc of the trade all so soon and all too well!

The SOTY 2 actress currently after the release of her movie Marjaavaan alongside Siddharth Malhotra also has another movie in her kitty, Tadap.

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