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Tamil Nadu Is All Set To Reopen Salons In Rural Areas. Hold On To Your Hairy Brows Though, There Is No News About Beauty Parlours

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I think you will agree with me that as much of a necessity as this lockdown is, it’s also a nuisance. On the one hand, for how much longer can we live confined to our houses? But, on the other hand, we have crossed 1 lakh cases in India. So, when you think about it, now would be the worst time to even ease the lockdown considering our graph is shooting upwards. But since it isn’t my decision, it’s happening.

I hope you’ll have read the guidelines for lockdown 4 but just like PM Modi promised in his speech there have been some significant changes made. While I was going through that list, I saw that salons and beauty parlours have been allowed to reopen in all zones and I almost squealed with joy. In the last two months, I have gone from being well-groomed to looking like something that would put a bear to shame. My eyebrows have lost all shape and are growing haywire and my upper lip makes me look like a boy who is just hit puberty. I have been hoping and praying that beauty parlour will reopen soon so I can go back to looking somewhat human and it looks like my prayers have been answered, but not all the way.

Taking notice of the new guidelines and protocols, Tamil Nadu has cleared the pathway and is reopening salons, but only in the rural areas on the state. People working in these salons will have to adhere to social distancing (so they supposed to cut hair and shave people from a distance? How?) and the barbers have to wear masks and maintain perfect hygiene at all times.


Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami said in a statement, “After sympathetically considering demands from barbers, I’ve given orders for reopening salons from 19 May in areas other than Greater Chennai Police limits, other Corporations, Municipalities and Town Panchayats.”

While this comes as good news for all the men, whose beards are now starting to resemble Santa Claus, the women simply have to wait. The Chief Minister has not mentioned anything about beauty parlours so we don’t know whether those will be open soon or not.

A resident of Chennai who chose to remain anonymous told a publication that, “All salons in rural Tamil Nadu should be turned into unisex establishments to accommodate women who are waiting a long time to use the services”.

While though it’s kind of them to ensure all the salons are unisex, I wouldn’t want to avail that offer. Women might just have to wait until a full-fledged parlour reopens before we can finally de-hair ourselves.

This announcement, however, has brought a lot of relief to the salon chain owners in Tamil Nadu who had been paying all their employees despite not being functional.

I am waiting for the day beauty parlours and salons are fully open all around the country.

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